- Sinn, Sinn Sage

Sinn, Sinn Sage - Pleasure Unit 323 – Sinn

Sinn is applying, in person, for a housekeeping position. The owner claims he did not receive Sinn’s email containing her resume so he provides her with a laptop to retrieve it online. As she begins to search through her files, a spiral pops up on the screen, along with a voice that guides her into a trance. Sinn does her best to resist, but her mind is too weak to fight for long. She becomes hypnotized and is converted into a robot. She is made to think and behave as a machine, and is now only capable of running programs. Sinn is a pleasure unit who’s only function is to bring sexual pleasure to her master.

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Christiana Cinn, London River, Paige Owens, Tyler Faith - Primals Mental Domination – London River, Christiana Cinn, Paige Owens & Tyler Faith – So Let it Be Written

The book has been passed down for generations but he’s never written in it. It would be wrong to use the power it contains. To fully control a woman’s actions while compelling her to uncontrolled need to fuck the books owner.

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Alisha, Aubrey - Aubrey Hypnotized

Alisha is learning hypnosis, and she begrudgingly agrees to hypnotize her friend Aubrey for Kyle, but as the events unfold, Alisha starts to get jealous. She doesn’t understand what Kyle sees in Aubrey and she wishes he’d pay more attention to her instead. Watching Kyle fondle Aubrey while she’s topless and hypnotized is more than Alisha can handle. She tries to wake Aubrey up, but she won’t come out of her trance; she’s too deeply under Kyle’s control. Alisha realizes that she’s going to have to get in on the action too, if she wants Kyle to like her.

Download for Free », - Ashley Lane, Cadence Lux, Dixie Comet, That Kinky Girl

Ashley Lane, Cadence Lux, Dixie Comet, That Kinky Girl - Fiesta Queen

Ashley Lane, Cadence Lux, Dixie Comet & Nate Liquor

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Mia - Mia Becomes a Slut

Mia is in the middle of a conversation with a friend when he suddenly begins setting up an odd looking device – a pattern that spins endlessly. She continues on with the story she was telling him, but soon her attention is captured by the device. Her words trail off and she crawls in front of the spinning pattern. Her eyes are locked and she becomes completely mesmerized by it. Mia’s friend begins programming her mind. He tells her that he is her master and she is now a slut. She is given a strong desire to want to strip on stage and fuck for money. Mia obeys and does exactly what he tells her to do, without question.

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Artemisia Love, Jon Rogue - MommyBlowsBest – Artemisia Love – Control Mom

Wouldn’t you like to have a remote that let’s all your fantasies come true? This is the chance that Jon Rogue gets, using it to get his stempmom Artemisia Love horny and on her knees.

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Ashley Lane, Cadence Lux, That Kinky Girl - The Demon Box: Episode Three

Ashley Lane , Cadence Lux , Tina Lee Comet

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Lauren Louise - Entrancement UK – Lauren Louise – Borrow My Body

Beautiful Lauren arrives for her first session of genuine mesmerism. Includes lots of strips & full nudity.

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Freya - Freya Loses Control

Freya goes to her ex boyfriend’s home to get her stuff and she is pissed. He’s been holding onto it for over a month and she wants to be done with him for good. But when she arrives, he tests out his new little toy on her. He uses a remote control to take over her body and control it’s actions. Freya retains the ability to think and talk freely, but she can’t keep from doing whatever he wants her to. Freya fights his control over her the whole time, but ends up nude and riding his cock no matter how hard she resists.

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Kit Mercer - Kit Mercer – Freezing My Controlling Stepmom

My Stepmom always thinks she can tell me what to do, I always wondered what it would be like to control her. Imagine if I snapped my fingers, she lost all control, and I could have my way with her. I would first lick her pussy and eat her ass maybe I would shove my big dick down her throat. I would imagine after that I would have to fuck my Stepmom right there where ever she was, I would then bring her into my room to have my way with her. I know I would want to cum all over my Stepmom’s big tits, just imagine if I could have my way with her

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Alisha, Jennifer - Girls Gone Hypnotized – Jennifer and Alisha Start a New Job

Jennifer and Alisha just quit their job together and now are scrambling to find new employment. Their roommate sees a golden opportunity to make money by having them both do porn for him, and then sell it online. Of course, the only way to get them on board with his new idea, is to brainwash them both into total obedience.

Download for Free », - Ella Nova, Nate Liquor, That Kinky Girl, Tina Lee Comet

Ella Nova, Nate Liquor, That Kinky Girl, Tina Lee Comet - Creep Hubby’s Sex Change Potion

Ella Nova, Tina Lee Comet & Nate Liquor

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Ludella Hahn - Ludella Hahn – Controlled by the Mad Magician

Ludella has come to the Department of Magical Affairs to try to get her license to perform magic back (after having lost it when she made an entire birthday party disappear.) She huffs and puffs as she sits in the waiting room filling out the paperwork. “Ugh..all the gosh darn hoops they’re making me jump through just to be able to perform magic…and all because of a silly little mistake! I can’t believe they revoked my license because of a little…mass…disappearance. I mean, there are mass disappearances all the time! People just vanish into thin air! It’s nothing to revoke a license over. And now they’re making me reapply as if I never had my license to begin with!” She seems to have zero regard for the lives of the people she accidentally vanished, and continues to huff and puff and fidget her swiss dot pantyhose legs–crossing and recrossing and squirming in her chair as she attempts to fill out the paperwork with a broken pen.

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Amanda - Girls Gone Hypnotized – Hypno Knock Out 7 – Amanda

Amanda comes home and finds an odd toy gun on her counter. She begins playing with it, and accidentally shoots herself in the face with what is actually a mind control ray (her boyfriend had bought it to use on her, but didn’t expect her back so soon). Amanda falls deep into a hypnotic sleep, and when her boyfriend walks in and finds her ready to obey, he takes control of her mind and makes her his slave.

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Cherry Morgan, Michael Masters - Primal’s Mental Domination – Side Effects – Cherry Morgan

A patient has been trying experimental medication for his headaches, and, well it has has certain side effects, like hearing what woman are thinking, and, maybe even putting some thoughts into their heads as well…

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Feet, Limp, Limp Body Manipulation, Tilly Mcreese - Hypnolust – Tilly McReese Clip Four

Limp and feet

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