- Katie Kush, The Pope

Katie Kush, The Pope - Katie Kush: Brutal Predicament Bondage

Katie Kush is mounted to the wall on a brutal device. It folds her in half and puts her cunt on full display. With her arms tucked behind her head, this slut isn’t going anywhere. The Pope gets to work as Katie tries to squirm with very minimal results. At first she is teased, but eventually he rips her stockings open, revealing her wet pussy, aching to be used. He ties her nipples to her toes and rips orgasms from her pussy. The second scene has Katie in a grueling position with her arms pulled into a strappado, her legs strapped wide open. A weighted device hangs around her waist, holding her in place. The Pope begins a brutal assault on her with his flogger and she screams, begging for him to stop. He gives her a taste of the vibrator, but not enough for her to cum. He goes from the vibe to the flogger until Katie doesn’t know up from down, finally allowing her to have an orgasm. In the final scene, Katie is suspended with leather belts holding her upside down with her legs split wide open. After toying with her for a bit, he goes to ripping non-stop orgasms from her willing whore hole.

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Lindsay Lee - Skirt

Download for Free », - Kenzie Love, Jessica Starling

Kenzie Love, Jessica Starling - The Magician's Assistant

Allen gets home to find Kenzie, an old friend of his stepmom Jessica, who’s visiting and practicing some of her magic tricks. Kenzie shows Allen that she can make anyone cum just with a flick of her wand, and she’ll gladly use it on him but first he has to make her cum! When Jessica catches Kenzie sucking Allen’s cock she’s surprised at first, but Kenzie quickly uses her wand to put Jessica in the mood and make her join them in a hot threesome!

Download for Free » - Whitney Wright

Whitney Wright - Tension, Submission And Perversion

After an evening placed under the sign of the fantasy, Whitney and Kristof want even more and decide to continue by a moment only for them. Why stop when you can continue in this way? Listening to her partner, Whitney gives herself up to him to release all the sexual tension accumulated before. This evening was a trigger to their new sexuality and it's only the beginning...

Download for Free » - Abbie Maley

Abbie Maley - Horny Gym Slut Gives The Best Head

Sexy slut Abbie Maley stops by Marc Mojo's house before heading to the gym and gives him the sloppiest POV blowjob. Watch as this athletic babe showers off her naturally fit body and slobbers all over Marc's big cock.

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Compilation - Double D Tits #3

Download for Free », - April Olsen, Lulu Chu

April Olsen, Lulu Chu - Fanfriction: Part 3

In this epic finale of erotic writing and perverted fantasy, Angela White and Lulu Chu collaborate on the third chapter - using April Olsen, Ricky Johnson, and Scott Nails as the perfect representation of their repressed desires! Angela and Lulu brainstorm, feed off each other, and sketch out a passionate orgy filled with moans, bouncing asses, drooling mouths, throbbing cocks, all hungry to feel and touch and fuck! But will these two authors get drawn in the dirty fantasy or are they satisfied with pounding anal and not one but two thick loads of cum at their instruction?

Download for Free » - Denise

Denise - Denise – exercise

The farmer has Denise nipple clamped almost all of the time. This is to stretch her nipples and prepare them for the milking machine. Stretched nipples go further into the cups. But Denise hates nipple clamps, because her nipples are very sensitive. The farmer leads her in on a leash, and Denise immediately knows what day it is: exercise day! She will be cuffed to the treadmill and the farmer will regulate the speed for her. She will have to run along! This time though, the farmer doesn’t even remove her clamps, and when she gets up to a full running speed, they swing around wildly. To prevent that, the farmer hangs a heavy padlock from her nipple clamps, stretching her nipples even more as she runs. Then it’s time for the goat milking machine! Denise running at full speed, swinging her big udders while getting milked by the goat milker, it is a sight you don’t want to miss! After her session, it’s time (you guessed it) to put those clamps right back on. Denise is definitely developing bigger nipples!

Download for Free » - Lady Lyne

Lady Lyne - Lady Lyne – red cow milker

Remember Lady Lyne? Click here for her previous updates! She went from secretary to HuCow, with a few sessions that already elongated her nipples, but she wasn’t moved to the barn yet. That changes today, as she is finally in her new home, naked and vulnerable. The farmer left clover clamps on her nipples for a good long time before starting this session, the marks are very deep when the clamps are taken off. Lady Lyne has very soft udders, stretchy and sensitive. This will be a problem on the red cow milker, it’s not going to be easy for her! Of course, the farmer tells her to reapply the clover clamps after the session! Painful!

Download for Free » - Olivia

Olivia - Olivia – catch of the day

A new delivery at the farm is always exciting! We received a transport box with a new HuCow in it. The farmer wheeled the box into the barn to inspect his new addition to the herd. It turned out to be a scared but cute redhead girl called Olivia. She came with pink restraints: gag, collar, and cuffs! She couldn’t be any cuter than this! After the box was opened, it took Olivia a while to figure out where she was. Blinking and softly moaning, she was clearly frightened of her new surroundings. The farmer wasted no time, locking her hands behind her and making her kneel in a milking frame. Olivia is 18 years old, but she already has very promising udders! Oil was applied to her nipples, and the electronic breast training machine with milking cups was switched on. Olivia seems to be very docile and eager to learn, but it’s still a bit scary for her. Don’t worry, she will get used to her new life at the farm!

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Constantin Film Produktion, Rapid Film - Ingrid Steeger, Achim Neumann, Evelyn Raess, Rosl Mayr, Dorit Henke, Nico Wolferstetter, Dorothea Rau, Anik Ellahee, Gerhard Ruhnke, Rinaldo Talamonti, Elisabeth Volkmann, Ulrike Butz, Christina Lindberg

Ingrid Steeger, Achim Neumann, Evelyn Raess, Rosl Mayr, Dorit Henke, Nico Wolferstetter, Dorothea Rau, Anik Ellahee, Gerhard Ruhnke, Rinaldo Talamonti, Elisabeth Volkmann, Ulrike Butz, Christina Lindberg - Liebe in drei Dimensionen

Petra arrives in Munich from the cold north of Germany. But the girl did not have time to enjoy the warmth of the southern city by her standards, as a charming brunette taking a sun bath was noticed by a bored student Manfred alone. And since this very loneliness for the young man was a very unusual condition, they immediately decided to get rid of him with the help of a girl who caught his eye. Petra willingly accepts an unambiguous offer (much clearer if the scoundrel hid her clothes) and keeps Manfred company, thereby initiating adventures. After all, a friend is actually waiting for her in Bavaria, and Manfred does not complain about the lack of fans…

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Gizelle Blanco, The Pope - Hot Rope Slut, Gizelle Blanco

Gizelle Blanco is sexy and as sweet as pie, but what you don’t know is that Gizelle is a rope slut that loves to be tormented. She practically begged The Pope to tie her up and do horrible things to her, so of course he did just that. She begins tied up on the floor, but with her ankles pulled to the up line. Gizelle is all smiles, and can’t wait to get what she came for. The Pope goes to work, cropping the soles of her feet. Next we get a little trampling from him as Gizelle lays there helplessly and takes it. Now that she has been evaluated, it’s time to make this slut cum. She is allowed one before The Pope raises her into the air for her first ever suspension. Shit just got real, really quick. More orgasms are ripped from her wet pussy. He releases her and moves on to the next position, an inverted suspension with her legs pulled in opposite directions. Her arms are pulled into a brutal strappado. A few orgasms ease her suffering, but the rope wins this one, so she is released. Next, she is on her back with her legs pulled into a grueling stretch, with her feet tied together and her arms tied out of the way. Her nipples are the first target, and he doesn’t go easy by any means. A set of nipple clamps are added, and then more clamps to increase this slut’s suffering. Her flesh is reddened with floggers and a cat o nine tails. We see Gizelle slowly slip into her submission. She is given the ultimate reward in the last scene with all of her weight resting on her pussy, with a sybian holding her up. She has a box tied around her chest to keep her hands out of the way as The Pope controls how and how many times she cums.

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Germany | USA - Maria Riot ... Joana

Maria Riot ... Joana - Landlocked

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Serendipity Point Films, Distant Horizon, Telefilm Canada - Erika Linder ... Dallas

Erika Linder ... Dallas - Below Her Mouth

Молодая Даллас влюбляется в красотку Жасмин, редактора модного журнала. Вскоре их интрижка перерастает во что-то большее.

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Krystal Motion Picture Productions - Glory Annen, Chris Milne, Joni Flynn, Jody Hanson, Marilyn Rodgers, Gordon Charles, John Michael Howson, David Bradshaw, Christine Calcutt, Angela Menzies-Wills, Sarah Lee, Charles Gilroy

Glory Annen, Chris Milne, Joni Flynn, Jody Hanson, Marilyn Rodgers, Gordon Charles, John Michael Howson, David Bradshaw, Christine Calcutt, Angela Menzies-Wills, Sarah Lee, Charles Gilroy - Felicity

Felicity is a young girl who has just graduated from high school and in whom, as in all teenagers, sexual desires arise. After graduation, her father gave her a gorgeous gift — a trip to Hong Kong. She goes there and meets Kristina and Stephen there. Away from parental supervision, away from school, nothing prevents her from doing what she wants, including with sex. And she begins to catch up, trying with both men and women..

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Spankcamp - Shan

Shan - Strip Search

Suspected of stealing a watch, Shan is forced to strip naked and submit to a search, before her punishment starts. Humiliating strip search and a very hard bare bottom spanking, followed by a hard leather paddling fully naked, and finished with a strict and very severe, full force caning with a Dragon cane!

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