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HotAndMean.com, Brazzers.com - Abigaiil Morris, Chloe Surreal

Abigaiil Morris, Chloe Surreal - Tits Won't Fit
Released: 2022 Dec. 09

Boss bitch bra expert Abigaiil Morris does a home consultation with bratty influencer Chloe Surreal, who has massive natural tits! Thick Abigaiil brings along a selection of her sluttiest bras, but nothing will fit blonde Chloe. No matter how much Abigaiil pulls, adjusts, and tightens! Dominant Abigaiil even tries an oily massage on Chloe's huge boobs, but nothing seems to work. Finally, Abigaiil gets tired of Chloe's bratty attitude and decides to teach her a lesson they can both enjoy!

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WildOnCam.com, Cherrypimps.com - Anna Claire Clouds, Nicole Aria

Anna Claire Clouds, Nicole Aria - Sexy Ladies Anna Claire Clouds and Nicole Aria Teach You How To Please A Woman LIVE
Released: December 6, 2022

Anna Claire Clouds and Nicole Aria are a true treat to have in the studio and nothing is better than getting the two of them together for some true fucking fun! The girls are looking fabulous in their yellow bra and panty sets but we all know lingerie looks much better on the floor. Anna shows us the proper way to touch a womans pussy telling us exactly what to do as she does it on Nicoles beautiful little pussy. It is so hot watching Anna bury her face in that wet snatch and soon Nicole is giving Anna the orgasm she so desperately wants to have while you all watch them fuck and play together! Archive from 11-17-2022 5pm LIVE show!

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GirlsGoneWild.com, BangBros.com - Kimberly Snow, Josie Tucker, Gaby Ortega, Skyla Sun

Kimberly Snow, Josie Tucker, Gaby Ortega, Skyla Sun - Scissoring Into Orgasms

Gaby and Skyla were with a bunch of other girls playing game and competing. They played tug of war, pulling each other into water and deep throating bananas. All games included losing some clothes and at some point everybody was topless. Gaby and Skyla opted for some privacy and they started to kiss and lick and kiss and lick. Yes wild girls do lick vaginas. Especially if they are as tasty as with those 2 girls. Obviously one thing is more fun than licking. Scissoring. Sp the girls scissored until they reached screaming orgasms.

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SheSeducedMe.com - Alina Lopez, Kenna James

Alina Lopez, Kenna James - Almost Caught Seducing My Stepbrothers Fiancee

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SheSeducedMe.com - Britt Blair, Kimmy Kimm

Britt Blair, Kimmy Kimm - My Roommates Secret

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Twistys.com, WhenGirlsPlay.com - Alexis Fawx, Adria Rae

Alexis Fawx, Adria Rae - Lovesick

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VivThomas.com, Metart.com - Jo, Ann Joy

Jo, Ann Joy - My House Guests Episode 2

Gorgeous Ann Joy strips naked with seduction on her mind, as episode two of Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian series "My House Guests" begins. Naughty voyeur Jo is so absorbed in watching the video she made of her guests having sex in the garden that she’s unaware of Ann’s presence until the horny beauty grabs her playfully; but she only hesitates for a moment before returning Ann’s sensual kiss with passion. Ann caresses Jo’s sexy small breasts and sucks her nipples, then pulls down her jean shorts and panties, and kneels to eat her shaved pussy. Jo perches on the edge of the hot tub as Ann licks her skilfully, driving her wild, then fingers her to a powerful orgasm. Jo is eager to repay the favor, frigging Ann’s juiced-up pussy and licking her clit until she’s overwhelmed by her climax.

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GirlsWay.com, AdultTime.com - Eliza Ibarra, Kenzie Anne

Eliza Ibarra, Kenzie Anne - Trouble In Paradise: Part 1

Two lesbian couples - Eliza Ibarra and her girlfriend Kenna James, along with Spencer Bradley and her girlfriend Kenzie Anne - excitedly arrive at a resort called the Sapphic Paradise. They are all carrying suitcases and, by their excited chatter, it's revealed that they just arrived at the resort. As they excitedly chat, it's revealed that Eliza and Spencer are siblings, and that they all thought that going on a couples vacation to a resort together would be fun! Once they get their room keys, the couples agree to put their things away and meet up by the poolside in an hour.

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GirlsWay.com, AdultTime.com - Casey Calvert, Lena Anderson

Casey Calvert, Lena Anderson - Tailoring To Her Needs

Lena Anderson and her parent, Jennifer White, arrive at the home of Jennifer's friend, Casey Calvert. Casey is a tailor, so Jennifer has asked her to alter Lena's prom dress. However, Lena doesn't seem excited to be there, although she agrees to go to Casey's bedroom to change into the prom dress. Once Lena is wearing the dress, Casey begins taking measurements and asking what kind of alterations she'd like. Jennifer quickly becomes overbearing, not letting Lena make any decisions on her own. Casey notices Lena becoming upset, and comes up with an excuse to send Jennifer to another room.

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Girlsonlyporn.Com, NubileFilms.com - Agatha Vega, Alexis Crystal

Agatha Vega, Alexis Crystal - Perfect Moment - S7:E7
Released: Dec 4, 2022

Agatha Vega and Alexis Crystal are two hot girls who are ready for a night of girls only passion. Dressed in lingerie that highlights how slim and luscious they both are, they come together in an embrace that leaves nothing to the imagination. Hugging and caressing quickly leads to kissing, which is the preview of so much more. Leaning forward against the mantle, Agatha waits in anticipation as Alexa bumps her butt against Agatha's and then gets on her knees. Caressing Agatha's big booty, Alexis eases her girlfriend out of her underwear. That just opens Agatha right up for a pussy feast that begins from the back and then moves to the front when Agatha turns around. Alexis is deliciously ruthless with her lips and tongue, making Agatha throw her head back in delight. The girls take their party to the couch where they help one another out of their bras. Now it's Alexis's turn to moan as Agatha bends her over. Unveiling the pussy by rolling Alexis's thong down, Agatha makes herself at home delivering a languorous pussy feast. Alexis turns over and spreads her thighs to welcome Agatha back home between them. Back to diddling her girlfriend's twat with her tongue, Alexis enjoys every drop of Agatha's sweet juices. Laying back and letting Alexis finger and flirt, Agatha kneads her own tits for added delight. She winds up riding Alexis's tongue as Alexis gets on her back and pulls Agatha nice and close. Swapping out, Alexis takes a seat on the back of the couch. Agatha resumes working with her tongue, but soon enough Alexis has a better idea. She gets Agatha to trade spots with her, then grabs a vibrator that she presses to Agatha's clit to enjoy for a hot minute. Then the girls rearrange themselves so that each of their clits are pushed against the vibrator. Bucking and moaning, they keep it up until they are both finally sated.

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Lesbea.com, SexyHub.com - Jenny Doll, Lilly Bella

Jenny Doll, Lilly Bella - Shy nerdy teen turns to hot lesbian
Released: 2022 Dec. 03

Following a bad day at college, bespectacled nerd Lilly Bella is happy that her sexy blonde roommate, Jenny Doll, is on hand to cheer her up and help boost her confidence! After a quick makeover, Jenny leans in to kiss the pretty brunette, and then the horny lesbians start undressing each other. The petite, long-haired beauty plays with Lillys perky breasts and clit before tribbing against the pierced babes thigh. After orgasming several times, Lilly places Jenny on her knees and eats out her dripping wet pussy from behind doggystyle until she cums!

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HotAndMean.com, Brazzers.com - Phoenix Marie, London River, Summer Col

Phoenix Marie, London River, Summer Col - Nurse From Hell

Summer Col is recovering in the hospital under the diligent eye of Phoenix Marie — the heaving, horny nurse from hell! Summer has been secretly messing around with her girlfriend (London Rivers), who sneaks into the curtained room to make out and diddle her pussy. Nothing wrong with that, right? Wrong. The nurse from hell ain't havin' it! Nurse Phoenix catches them, barges in, kicks London out, and orders Summer into a sponge bath. The nurse DOMINATES her patient, sucking and fucking her sudsy curves and crack, licking her socked feet(!), and scissoring hard. The clandestine cheeks-clapping continues until London returns, peeking through the curtain to find nurse Phoenix pounding her girlfriend's pussy with a strap-on. It looks like our patient is feeling much better!

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GirlsGoneWild.com, BangBros.com - Ameena Green, Brookie Blair, Juliette Mint, Sissy Moore

Ameena Green, Brookie Blair, Juliette Mint, Sissy Moore - The Kissing Game

The Wild Girls had a new game. One girl would get blindfolded. One of the other girls would kiss her. And she had to guess who it was. How well can you tell which lips kissed you? Brookie and Sissy got turned on by the game. They sneaked out to another bedroom and started to kiss. Then they undressed each other. They licked each other pussies until both girls game to an amazing climax.

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GirlsWay.com, AdultTime.com - Kenzie Taylor, Victoria Voxxx, Spencer Bradley

Kenzie Taylor, Victoria Voxxx, Spencer Bradley - Lady Boss: New Boss Goss

Two coworkers, Spencer Bradley and Victoria Voxxx, are busy gossiping about their new boss, Kenzie Taylor. They've heard GREAT things about her from past employees, who all swear that working under Kenzie has been unlike anything else they've experienced. Spencer and Victoria just can't WAIT to get to know her better and see what all the hype is about.

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TrueLesbian.com, AdultTime.com - Cadence Lux, Mackenzie Mace

Cadence Lux, Mackenzie Mace - Can You Touch Me: A Cadence Lux Story

Cadence Lux recounts a true-to-life, personal story of the first time she experimented with lesbian sex. It happened with her high-school friend Melanie (Mackenzie Mace) when Cadence's parents invited Melanie to stay with them at a vacation rental one summer. Join Cadence as she recounts the details of one of the most defining moments of her life.

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AllGirlMassage.com, FantasyMassage.com - Kira Noir, Victoria Voxxx

Kira Noir, Victoria Voxxx - Friendly Recommendation

Kira Noir answers the door and is greeted by a masseuse, Victoria Voxxx, who has come to Kira's place for an in-home massage. Kira is excited, especially since Victoria was recommended to her by a friend, so she's sure she's going to have a GREAT massage.

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