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GirlsOnlyPorn.com, Nubiles-Porn.com - Freya Parker, Madi Meadows

Freya Parker, Madi Meadows - S4:E5
Released: October 23, 2021

Freya Parker and Madi Meadows have found some matching red lingerie and put it on so they can have some fun together. They take their time exploring one anothers curves in bed. Their sweet sensual touches are light caresses at first, but as their passion for one another grows, Freya takes charge and takes things further...

With a gentle push, Freya relieves Madi of her bra and pushes her down onto the bed. Freya cant resist the opportunity to feast on Madis tight breasts and hard nipples. She begins with her hands and then lets her tongue follow the trail her fingers have blazed. Madi manages to peel Freyas bra off, but Freya is still very much in charge as she slips her hand between Madis thighs to rub her clit.

When Madi finally gets the chance to take charge, she does some rubbing of her own. Finding Freya nice and wet, Madi really spreads those pussy juices everywhere. She is enjoying herself thoroughly, but Freya insists on going back to work on Madis lusty twat. She gets to her knees and kisses her way down Madis body. When she reaches Madis snatch Freya puts her tongue to work to really get Madi moaning.

Since neither Freya nor Madi is prepared to give up their chance at a pussy feast, the girls compromise with a lesbian 69. Crawling on top of Madi, Freya really gets going with her pussy feast. Meanwhile, Madi pulls Freyas hips down so that she can indulge as well. Eventually, once she gets Madis hips twitching, Freya sits up so that shes really riding Madis face and talented tongue.

The girls have enjoyed themselves, but theyre just not quite finished yet. Madi remains where she is, while Freya adjusts her position in bed until they are pressed pussy to pussy. Rocking their hips for some tribbing, the girls scissor together until theyre both moaning long and loud. Finally sated, they cuddle together and enjoy the comedown from a mutually satisfying sexual romp.

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NewSensations.com, TheLesbianExperience.com - Violet Starr, Jane Wilde

Violet Starr, Jane Wilde - Kuleana Brings Jane Back To Bed
Released: October 23, 2021

Unsure in the morning Jane creeps herself out of her "one night stand" Kuleanas bed and is softly asked where she was going. Jane assumed she was not welcomed to stay the night but Kuleana assured her that she was hoping she would sleep over. Kuleana confesses to Jane that she likes her and wants their love affair to continue and to please stay and enjoy each others body again this morning.

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GirlsWay.com - Lacy Lennon, Vanna Bardot

Lacy Lennon, Vanna Bardot - Seeing Red: Not YOU Again!!
Released: October 21, 2021

Lacy Lennon is sitting in a folding chair. Shes concentrated on a sheet of paper that shes holding and looking at, mouthing words as she reads for a bit and looks away from it. She is memorizing lines, clearly about to audition for something. Lacy looks up and sees that Vanna Bardot has just arrived, holding her own sheet of paper. The way the ladies are looking at each other indicates that they clearly dont like each other.

Ugh, not YOU again!! Vanna says with distaste...

As the ladies trade barbs and talk about past acting-related snubs and triumphs, it becomes clear that they are long-standing rivals, who are often at the same auditions whenever the part calls for a redhead. Talk naturally segues to the topic of todays audition. This particular part calls for a redheaded lesbian who will be doing some simulated sex scenes. They both seem very confident that they will win the part. The ladies resolve to compete to see who can deliver a better simulated sex performance, both of them agreeing that anything goes!

They start the competition by seeing who has the best love-making sounds. Both ladies are turned on by the others sounds, but neither admits it.

They then move on to see who can give the better on-screen kiss. This causes them to get even more turned on, but they still dont admit that to each other.

Looking for an excuse to get closer to each other now, they decide to see who can pretend to eat pussy the most effectively. But before long, their simulated pussy-eating naturally begins to segue to the real thing.

Theres no acting involved in how much these ladies are enjoying each others hot bodies!

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WhenGirlsPlay.com, Twistys.com - Aidra Fox, Aria Lee

Aidra Fox, Aria Lee - Girl Crush
Released: October 23, 2021

Aria Lee and Aidra Fox have liked girls for a long, long time. They tell the stories of their first girl crushes as well as describing their instant connection ever since they first met one another. These hotties kiss and canoodle on the couch, undressing each other and embracing passionately. Watch the fireworks between these Aidra and Aria as they play with each others pussies and lick each others clits until they orgasm over and over.

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SexyHub.com, Lesbea.com - Jennifer Mendez, Asia Rae

Jennifer Mendez, Asia Rae - Interracial lesbian facesitting sex
Released: October 23, 2021

Lesbian lovers Asia Rae and Jennifer Mendez wake up in each others arms after a night of passion. Asia kisses Jennifer, then slides her hand under the covers and touches Jennifers big, natural tits. Working her way down Jennifers body, Asia then teases her clit, sliding a finger into her pussy, and making her cum. Jennifer returns the favor, fingering Asia from behind, and getting her lover off. The ladies then take turns eating each other out, and Asia gets on top of Jennifer and sits on her face so she can cum!

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GirlsWay.com - Gabbie Carter, Emma Hix

Gabbie Carter, Emma Hix - Roleplay With Me: My Pleasure-Bot

Gabby Carter is relaxing at home when her very sexy HelpBot 5000, Emma Higgs, returns after running some errands. But when Emma tells us what tasks she completed during the day, something is wrong. After all, how often do androids trip on their feet or incorrectly determine the boiling point of water? After Emma has stumbled once or twice, it becomes obvious that this is just a fun role-playing game between two loving girlfriends!

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MetArt.com, VivThomas.com - Kiara Lord, Talia Mint

Kiara Lord, Talia Mint - Good Service
Released: October 21, 2021

Sexy strawberry blonde Kiara Lord is annoyed that her gorgeous girlfriend Talia Mint always puts work first. As Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian movie "Good Service" begins, Kiara snatches the phone from Talia’s hand and uses her own panties to bind her wrist so she can’t escape. Kissing Talia hungrily, she ensures she is extremely aroused before untying her. The lovers undress each other eagerly, hands and lips exploring. Kiara sucks Talia’s hard nipples, then peels off her panties and kisses up her thighs to her wet pussy. Talia moans with arousal as Kiara licks and fingerbangs her avidly, driving her to boiling point. She kneels on the breakfast bar so Kiara can eat her pussy and ass from behind, giving her an intense orgasm. Now Talia lavishes attention on Kiara’s big breasts as she rubs her clit frantically. Kiara stretches out on the dining table and Talia chows down voraciously, her skilful tongue and fingers making Kiara shudder to a powerful climax.

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Brazzers.com, HotAndMean.com - Ava Devine, Haley Spades

Ava Devine, Haley Spades - Coach Domme Booty Camp
Released: October 21, 2021

Curvy Ava Devine has arrived to help adorable Haley Spades get the big, beautiful, bubble butt shes always wanted! Bodacious Ava is nice at first, the two women stretch their gorgeous, tight bodies and Haley learns how to get that booty burning! Just when blonde Haley thinks the workout is over, Ava grabs her spanking paddle from her bag. Haley is about to show busty Ava just what a good student she can be, and soon both of them are screaming for more!

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GirlsOnlyPorn.com, NubileFilms.com - Aiden Ashley, Jessie Saint

Aiden Ashley, Jessie Saint - When Friends Become More

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SweetHeartVideo.com - Kit Mercer, Gizelle Blanco

Kit Mercer, Gizelle Blanco - Squirting Lesbians 5 Scene 3
Released: October 18, 2021

Squirting Lesbians 5 Scene 3

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Lesbea.com, SexyHub.com - Capri Lmonde, Mia Trejsi

Capri Lmonde, Mia Trejsi - Petite and playful lesbian teens
Released: October 16, 2021

Capri Lmonde is horny, and wants her petite lover Mia Trejsis attention. Mia looks into the mirror and sees Capri touching herself, and eventually joins her on the couch. Mia teases Chloes tight pussy, then strips her shirt off and licks her pert boobs. Mia turns around and Chloe licks her ass and pussy doggystyle, then Chloe sits on Mias face so they can 69 to mutual orgasm!

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Twistys.com, WhenGirlsPlay.com - Abigail Mac, Demi Sutra

Abigail Mac, Demi Sutra - Suns Out Buns Out
Released: October 16, 2021

Bikini-clad babes Abigail Mac and Demi Sutra have a little fun in the sun as they sit out by the pool. The busty beauties anoint each others tits with oil and kiss playfully, rubbing their perfect bodies together to make sure that every inch is nice and oiled up! These babes bottoms come off and their buns come out to get kissed by the sun... and each other!

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Dorcelclub.com - Julia Roca, Angelika Grays

Julia Roca, Angelika Grays - Girls time
Released: January 06, 2021

Angelika wants to take things to the next level with her lover and try sodomy. In order to make her more comfortable, her best friend offers to gently introduce her to anal pleasures. Hesitant at first, she won't regret this proposal, given how much pleasure she will take in her girlfriend's expert hands.

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MetArt.com, VivThomas.com - Amirah Adara, Blue Angel

Amirah Adara, Blue Angel - Welcome Home
Released: October 15, 2021

Sexy brunette Amirah Adara gets a passionate "Welcome Home" from gorgeous blonde Blue Angel. As Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian movie begins, Blue emerges from the shower and massages lotion over her lovely body. Amirah watches, her desire evident as she greets her sweetheart with a tender caress. They kiss, Amirah’s hand sliding between Blue’s thighs to stroke her pussy. Before long they are both naked, and Amirah kneels to suck her girlfriend’s puffy nipples, then kisses a trail down to her pussy. She licks and strokes Blue skilfully, making her gasp with arousal, then straddles her face to get her own pussy eaten. Blue sucks on Amirah’s clit and laps at her hot pink folds; Amirah turns around into a sixty-nine so they can lick each other simultaneously. When Blue tongues Amirah’s tight asshole, it tips her over the edge of an intense orgasm. Blue goes head over heels so Amirah can repay the favor, licking her to a blissful climax.

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VivThomas.com, MetArtVip.com - Sonya Blaze, Emerald Ocean

Sonya Blaze, Emerald Ocean - Focus On Me
Released: Oct 12, 2021

Gorgeous brunette Emerald Ocean is studying in the backyard, as Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian movie "Focus On Me" begins. But her concentration is shattered by the noise of her sexy girlfriend Sonya Blaze mowing the lawn. Sonya is quick to console her with sweet words and tender touches, then kisses that grow increasingly passionate. Emerald lies back on the swing seat and Sonya lavishes attention on her beautiful big breasts, fondling them and sucking her nipples. Emerald arches her back, utterly blissed out as Sonya tugs her lacy white panties aside and licks her shaved pussy voraciously. Both girls get naked, and Sonya goes face down ass up, focusing all her attention on driving Emerald wild. Straddling Emerald’s pretty face, Sonya grinds sensuously, turning around into a sixty-nine so they can eat pussy in unison. Emerald is overwhelmed by a powerful orgasm, then buries her face between Sonya’s perfect ass cheeks as she licks her to an intense climax.

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Girlsonlyporn.Com, Nubiles-Porn.com - Aiden Ashley, Jessie Saint

Aiden Ashley, Jessie Saint - When Friends Become More - S4:E4
Released: Oct 10, 2021

Once upon a time, Aiden Ashley and Jessie Saint used to have sleepovers and play kissing games while they hung out. It's been a while since they've gotten together to chill. Now that they're having a coffee date, Aiden decides that it's time to play a brand new kind of kissing game. Reaching out to slide a finger over Jessie's wrist, Aiden helps her friend drop her guard. Then she leans in for a peck on the lips. When Jessie tries to question what Aiden just did, Aiden pulls her in for a deeper kiss. A bit uncertain, Jessie hesitates as Aiden explores her mouth. She can't hold out for long, though, and soon the girls have paused so they are tit to tit with their hands wandering each other's bodies as they become acquainted with one another. Peeling off her shirt, Aiden gives Jessie a full frontal show. She invites Jessie to look and to touch, and Jessie isn't about to say no. She explores all of Aiden's slim curves and then lets Aiden give her the same treatment over her clothes. Eventually, Aiden helps Jessie out of her top, kick starting a chain reaction that leaves them both longing for more. Guiding Jessie over to the couch, Aiden makes sure that her BFF has no regrets at all about taking the plunge with a girl. She gets Jessie onto her hands and knees and goes to work with her hands, slowly exploring Jessie's slippery folds with her fingertips. When she dips her head down to put her tongue to work, Jessie can't help but rock her hips and guide Aiden's actions with her moans. As soon as her hips stop twitching, Jessie turns around and licks the taste of her own juices off Aiden's lips. She eases Aiden onto her back and helps her out of her shorts. Then she goes right for the clit as she licks and nibbles at the heart of Aiden's pleasure. Winding her fingers through Jessie's short hair, Aiden helps keep her right on the money until she hits gold on her search for a climax. Now that the girls have both committed to the utmost of pleasure, there's nothing left to hold back. They lay on their backs with their pussies pressed together. Rocking their hips in a scissoring motion, they enjoy some tribbing that leaves them both dripping with excitement. Aiden isn't finished with Jessie quite yet. She helps her friend to a seated position and then sits beside her, linking their legs. Reaching out, Aiden thumbs Jessie's clit and puts her talented fingers to work. Jessie tries to mirror the movement with Aiden, but Aiden is mostly focused on bringing Jessie off one last time. As soon as Jessie's hips are bucking, Aiden pulls her close for a final kiss that suggests they should have sleepovers more often.

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