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Kendra Sunderland, Ryan Driller - Kendra Sunderland gets her big tits and ass massaged before taking a married cock in her pussy

Kendra Sunderland just got done working out with her friend's boyfriend, Ryan, and boy is she sore. Lucky for her, Ryan is also a masseur and he brought his massage table with him. Kendra takes him up on his offer of a full body massage and she strips down to make sure Ryan works every part of her body. Ryan pays extra attention to her tits though, as Ryan's girlfriend is lacking in that department and Ryan loves him some big tits. Kendra doesn't want him to stop there though, she also wants him to massage the inside of her pussy with his big cock. Even though Ryan is dating Kendra's friend, he just can't say no to Kendra's advances.

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Zoe Doll - Spanish Babe Loves Cocks And Cash

I was driving around in the confession van one night when I came across this beautiful Spanish woman named Zoe Doll. She looked a little lost, so I approached her and asked if she needed any help. Zoe admitted that she’d been arguing with her boyfriend, and she wanted to travel back to her home country. Feeling generous, I offered the raven-haired stunner some money in return for sexual favours, which she agreed to. Once inside the van, Zoe took the full length of my throbbing erection in her pretty mouth, and then I played with her natural perky tits. Feeling adventurous, the sexy nymph bounced her tight pussy on my cock in cowgirl, and then she sat on my face so I could taste her sweet juices. She rode me in reverse, and afterwards we had a side fuck on the floor before she spread her legs and invited me to penetrate her in missionary. To finish, she stuck out her curvy ass, and I banged her from behind in doggystyle, and then I spunked on her face!

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Ohana Petite, Tiffany Tatum - Here And Now - S9:E6
Released: Sep 21, 2023

Tiffany Tatum and Ohana Petite are going through old clothing. They reminisce about some things they've had fun with and ask to take things from each other. Requests to try things don't stop at lingerie: When Ohana finds a vibrator of Tiffany's, she asks if she can try that, too. It's all fun and games until someone starts moaning, so as Ohana presses the toy to her twat it just gets Tiffany wound up and eager to join in. Taking the vibrator from Ohana, Tiffany presses it to the heart of her friend's pleasure while capturing Ohana's lips in kisses. Then Tiffany makes herself comfortable between Ohana's thighs to eat her juicy cooch out. There's no reason to stop once Ohana has let out her breath in a shaky moan. Tiffany climbs onto the bed and gets on her knees, inviting her girlfriend to return the favor. Ohana can't wait! She buries her face in Tiffany's twat to lap at her juices. Then she cuddles Tiffany in her arms while applying the dildo to Tiffany's clit. Adjusting their position so that Ohana is the one with her thighs spread, Tiffany slides her fingers to tickle the soft slipperiness of Ohana's lower lips. She starts with one finger, probing the velvet glove. Finding it nice and yielding, Tiffany slides another digit in for a proper pussy fingering. The girls sit facing one another next, with the vibrating toy between them. Rocking their hips in a sensual mutual rhythm, they each find another round of sensual bliss. Curling up together in the afterglow of their lovemaking, they exchange sweet, sated smiles.

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Kay Lovely, Kendra Sunderland, Tyler Cruise - Close Together
Released: Sep 21, 2023

When Tyler brings Kendra, his new girlfriend, to meet the family, he introduces her to his stepsister Kay. Pretty soon, Kendra realizes that his family is a little bit different than most. Tyler has full access to his stepsister’s body, fucking her anytime, anywhere he likes. Kay welcomes Kendra into the family by eating her out and showing her the wonders of being part of a sex-positive family!

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This might be the greatest big natural tit busty blonde combo yet!! Blake Blossom and Kylie Page are cock loving, pussy licking, horny sluts with the type of beauty that makes heads turn. Individually either one of these babes is top-tier…but together, it’s literally a dream cum true. These sexy goddesses can’t get enough of each other. They worship each other's bodies and get deep enjoyment from sharing the dick. Enjoy as their pussies get pounded, perfect round asses bounce and large natural breasts shake before they share a cumload in each other's mouths.

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Emily Pink - Juicing It Up
Released: Sep 20, 2023

Brunette beauty Emily Pink shows off her perfect figure in lace lingerie and a sheer robe as she teases for our latest Wet and Puffy scene. This hottie seductively climbs onto the bed and bends over in the doggystyle position to show off her panties in closeup. She can't keep her hands off herself and starts to strip. Emily teases her nipples and lays down on the bed to pull her puffy pussy lips apart. She oils her shaved pussy up and slips her fingers in before using the oil bottle to fuck herself with! Emily moves onto a pussy pump and makes her labia swell up inside the tube. This insatiable babe feels so horny that she pulls out a pink dildo and bends back over to pleasure her juicy puffy pussy! Finishing herself off with her fingers, Emily enjoys a shuddering orgasm on film!

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Penelope Woods, Jenn Cameron, Rion King - Not Without Her Blessing
Released: Sep 21, 2023

Penelope is happy with her new boyfriend Rion. But, there is just one issue: her nana Jenn hasn’t yet approved him. She is very strict with her granddaughter's boyfriends and Penelope can’t go out with them without her blessing. To evaluate her granddaughter's men, Jenn makes sure each of them is strong enough, loyal, and kinky in bed. Rion is about to be put to the test by the severe and horny milf.

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Dee Williams, Will Pounder - The Milf Boss’ Secret Sex Life
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Dee is an overachiever, a positive leader who always goes the extra mile at work and is loved by her whole team. Yet, the busty boss has one little secret: once the shift is over, she loves to chill by wearing sexy lingerie and becoming a dominatrix for younger dudes like Will. While she is properly dressed for the occasion, Will is already waiting for her in bed, tied and blindfolded. He knows that his hardcore dom lady will give him one hell of a fuck session.

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Mira Monroe, Brad Newman - This Pussy Is Not For Losers
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Coach Brad is all stressed out over his next game, and his girlfriend Mira is trying to make him feel better. He has been feeling nervous because he must win the next match, a really big one, and he’s just all over the place. Determined to do something about it, she decides to have a nasty fuck session with him. As Brad fucks his girlfriend, his stress is instantly relieved, knowing that, win or lose, he’s got the best prize at home: Mira’s juicy pussy.

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Lucky Fans Get To Share 2 Girls
Released: 20TH SEP 2023

Wanna Meet Me Or One Of My Sexy Girlfriends? Make Sure To Look Out For My Userdays And Join Us For A Clip!

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Manuel Ferrara, Sinatra Monroe, Elizabeth Skylar - Wife And Stepdaughter Want Delivery Guy's Package

Elizabeth Skylar wants cock, but she ain't getting any from her husband. So, when Elizabeth finds her stepdaughter (Sinatra Monroe) fucking a delivery man she snuck into the house (Manuel Ferrara), she's all too happy to make it a threesome. Elizabeth surprises Sinatra from behind with her new strap-on, then Manuel gets to take turns using both women's pussies.

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Horny lesbians Ada Lapiedra and Angie Lynx are putting on a show of their own in the movie theater, hungrily kissing and fingering each other until they're dripping wet. The babes don't even leave when the lights come up and the movie ends, because they're not done. Usher Jordi El Nino Polla walks in to clean up, discovering Ada licking blonde Angie's pussy.

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Heaven must be missing an Angel. And when Saint Peter's not paying attention, this divine vixen gets into the most sinful situations.

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Madi Collins is a super petite redhead who loves to get devoured by huge cocks. To get ready for her anal scene, she took a massive purple dildo and worked her ass with it, but for good fun, took another and fucked her face with it at the same time. Then, her stud came on set with a truly massive dick, and worked three of her holes until finally cumming in her pretty mouth.

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Charlie Dean simply can’t resist girlfriend Rika Fane’s incredible body, and when he catches sight of her in the shower, he’s amazed when inked-up Rika gets on her knees and sucks his hardening cock until he cums in her mouth! Charlie is still feeling horny at breakfast, and after playfully touching the hot blonde’s sexy ass, he invites her to wrap her lips around his throbbing erection. Rika is also getting turned on, and she invites Charlie to penetrate her tight pussy from behind doggystyle, and it feels so good that Charlie creampies it! Later, the well-hung stud wants to fuck again, and he goes in search of his girlfriend. After pulling down Rika’s booty shorts, Charlie eats her out before sliding his rock-hard cock inside her missionary-style, and then the petite babe rides her lover in cowgirl as Charlie worships her small, perky tits. To finish, the amorous couple have an intense side fuck on the floor until Charlie shoots a thick load all over Rika’s taut midriff!

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Jordi El Nino Polla, Angie Lynx, Ada Lapiedra - Big Dick Double Feature

Horny lesbians Ada Lapiedra and Angie Lynx are putting on a show of their own in the movie theater, hungrily kissing and fingering each other until they're dripping wet. The babes don't even leave when the lights come up and the movie ends, because they're not done. Usher Jordi El Nino Polla walks in to clean up, discovering Ada licking blonde Angie's pussy. Angie sucks the lucky guy while her GF pleasures her, then Jordi gets to fuck both babes as they squirt all over him before he returns the favor with a double facial.

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