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Nami Lee - This Asian Milf Loves Her Toy

Nami Lee, looking scorching hot in sheer lingerie that shows off her fuckable little body, returns to get naked and fuck herself with a big toy. She says she's doing "something really special" for us, but it's clear she's doing it for herself, too.

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Nami Lee - Nami Lee Sucks And Fucks A Big One

"I'm going to do my best to fit it in my mouth," said 42-year-old MILF Nami Lee, who's from Japan, when she saw John Long's big cock. We'd say her best is more than good. It's great. Nami jams as much meat into her wet mouth as possible then gets banged hard. Excellent. Ten-plus, we'd say. John has a very big cock, and it looks absolutely huge in Nami, who's only 5'2" tall and weighs 98 pounds.

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Gina Monelli - Gina Monellis Big Introduction

When asked to describe her perfect day or evening, Gina Monelli, a 42-year-old wife and mom, said, "Sleep, eat and fuck." And repeat! Sounds like a good day to us. Mrs. Monelli, whos from Ukraine and lives in the Czech Republic, is very fuckable with her beautiful face, overall tight body and very appealing pussy. We asked about her marital status, and she said, "Good," which is not what we meant. She meant, "My marriage is good because I suck and fuck my hubby all the time and he lets me fuck other men and women."

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Gina Monelli - Gina Gets The Real Thing

A woman like Gina Monelli, whos in her sexual prime at 42 years old, always wants more, so even though shes made herself cum several times by fucking her pussy with a big, pink toy, she wants to cum again, and again, and again, this time with the real thing. Fortunately for her, the real thing is readily available, so Gina calls him over, gets his dick out and starts sucking it, and before long, shes fucking it. Gina really loves to take a pounding. No romantic sex for this wife and mom from Ukraine.

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Julia North - Mrs. North fucks her daughter's boyfriend

Dressed in a tight top and short skirt, 41-year-old wife and mom Julia North is surprised when she walks into her daughter's bedroom and sees a guy lying on the bed. Who is this guy and what's he doing in her kid's bedroom?

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Lisa Pinelli - Lisas Anal Massage

Sam goes for a massage. Lucky him, his masseuse is Lisa Pinelli, a 46-year-old mom with a sexy, voluptuous body. Sam gets naked. She gets naked, too, although he doesnt know it because hes face-down, and when he turns over, he gets a very nice surprise. Lisa massages his cock with her mouth then her pussy then her ass and he shoots his load all over her big booty. What a happy ending! Is Sams injury cured? Who knows, but hes definitely feeling a lot better.

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Nami Lee - A New Asian Cougar Comes To 40Somethingmag.Com

"My friends know I am open and adventurous, so they wouldnt be surprised to see me here," said Nami Lee, a 42-year-old first-timer who was born in Japan and now lives in the United States.

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Nami Lee - Namis Xxx Lesson

Nami Lee, whos 42 years old, is Berrys tutor. Hes 21, and hes learning Japanese from this Japanese hottie. Lucky guy.

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Mercedes Sinclair - The New Milf Has Nice Tits

Big tits, hard nipples, sexy body, fingers in her pussy and asshole...whats not to like about Mercedes Sinclair, a 47-year-old divorcee and mom from Syracuse, New York whos now living in South Florida. Today, Ms. Sinclair plays with her tits and gets off for your jacking pleasure. And Thursday, she sucks and fucks a 19-year-olds cock. Nineteen makes him 10 years older than Mercedes son, but you get the idea. And by the way, Mercedes said, "My boyfriend is younger than me."

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Mercedes Sinclair - Shes 47 And Fucking A 19-Year-old!

A dude (a teenager!) is sleeping over at his best buddys house when suddenly, he feels female hands on his cock. Shes stroking it, but when he opens his eyes, he sees that the person doing the stroking is his buddys mother!

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Julia North - Julia's dildo has a suction cup!

When this scene opens, 41-year-old Julia North is waking up. That might sound boring, but sexy Mrs. North is wearing a little satin nightgown that doesn't cover her ass, and as she stirs, she starts touching her pussy and tits. That definitely is not boring. Then she goes to the shower, where she gets wet and soapy and uses her fingers and a hand-held shower head on her pretty cunt. And then (because what MILF doesn't keep a dildo with a suction cup in her shower?), she attaches her dildo to the glass shower wall and fucks herself. Then she detaches the dildo from the wall and fucks her ass with it.

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Julia North - Hot Ukrainian mom wants it everywhere

Julia North's first scene at opened with the 41-year-old wife and mom waking up. Today's scene, her first XXX, opens with her tits out and her pussy barely covered. She's in bed, wearing sexy lingerie, stockings and heels. Before long, she's playing with her pussy and cumming, then she reaches over, grabs one of her favorite toys and slides it up her ass.

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Nina Dolci - Youre The Man Fucking Nina Dolci

"Making a guy feel special in and out of the bedroom is pretty easy peasy," 47-year-old hot mom Nina Dolci said. "Always maintain your beauty, keep the nagging to a minimum or none, stroke his ego and cock when he least expects it, bake his favorite yummies, wear something that he has mentioned is high on his likes and be adventurous behind closed doors or not behind closed doors."

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Nina Dolci - Returns And Fucks Herself

Last seen at in 2017 getting fucked hard by a huge cock, and now 47 years old, dark-haired seductress Nina Dolci is back to show off her perfect body and fuck herself with a big toy. Later this week, shes going to fuck again.

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Nina Dolci - For An Appetizer, Nina Dolci

"A good physique and sex life go hand in hand," 47-year-old MILF Nina Dolci said. "I am horny all the time. I feel so good. When a woman takes care of herself, shes more willing to share her body and not have any hangups."

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Nina Dolci - Cream For Nina Dolci

"I know you want to learn how to treat a 47-year-old cougar," she says.

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