, - Reese Robbins

Reese Robbins - 19 Years Old
Released: November 22, 2021

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Amber Adams - Exploited College Girls
Released: November 25, 2021

Choking, cum tasting, face fucking, squirting and toy play. All good stories begin this way and that’s just a few of the things today’s fresh as fuck first timer did for the first time on the ExCoGi bed. Now wait a darn tooting minute Steve. You expect all of us to believe that in addition to this being this girl’s first sex on camera ever, the things you just listed are also things this girl never done before? Yes, and let me explain that unfortunately this gorgeous girl’s always been in what she describes as being very vanilla committed relationships, one of which has been for the past year. She also confessed that she just recently broke up with her man last week to come spread her legs for all our enjoyment...

Love that and as The Powerpuff Girls would declare, “GIRL POWER!!!,” and you go get yours girl. So you just told him last week youre coming here to shoot a porno and broke up with him? “Yes, basically yes” she said with a grin on her face. “I just don’t want to be vanilla the rest of my life and he was definitely vanilla and will always be.” Sorry buddy but the truth hurts sometimes and my advice to you is get your shit together and vacate vanillas-ville pronto or this reputation is going to stick to you like stink on shit. Ok enough about her loser of an ex-boyfriend and more about Ms Amber Adams who’s 21 and ready for some good dick and open to whatever we have in store for her and her orifices. Face fucking? “Yeah face fucking is something I just recently saw was a thing in porn and I want to try it,” she giggles again. Your wish is our command girl and there wasn’t a whole lot of things this girl said no to today and if you didn’t fast forward through the interview you might of picked up on something we said. This is technically this girl’s second sex on camera since earlier she licked her first slit ever over at our new site (coming soon). But hey, girl on girl sex technically isn’t cheating either so for our purposes today this is her first sex on camera ever. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it everyone. You know it’s pretty darn hard to find a girl now a day’s that hasn’t filmed her self sucking or fucking at least their boyfriend’s cock seeing that everyone’s phone has a cameras on it. Well meet Amber who’s been eating vanilla ice cream her entire life and she’s fucking sick of it. Everything today, and I mean everything except having a cock up this girl’s pussy and also giving a blowjob is this girl’s first time ever and she killed it. She’s been so vanilla she claims that she’s also only used her fingers to masturbate with and has never used a vibrator until today. You’ve been fucking amateurs your entire life and today your life’s about to change my dear so get ready everyone and lets enjoy Amber and all her firsts shall we? Steve

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Lindsey - Backroom Casting Couch
Released: November 8, 2021

Lindsey is a very attractive, bubbly, and leggy blonde teenage girl. She’s got quite the personality to match. Lindsey is a phlebotomist, and like all of our lovely candidates, she’s sick of it. So she’s gonna see if she can suck and fuck her way into success. She’s a super smiley girl, she’s got a lotta spunk, and it’s a grand time getting to know her. We find out some great stuff about her fucking these two dudes like during class when she was in high school...

She really might be cut out for this kind of work. She’s got a great looking little pussy and chocolate starfish that I just can’t wait to plow. We get her out of that romper and looking adorable standing there in her red bra and panties. She looks even better standing there naked showing us that asshole. We get a butt plug in her and finally I get to put my cock in her mouth. She doesn’t disappoint. Neither does that pussy, or that ass. We have a great time fucking all over the office. She’s a fiery gal, I really enjoyed fucking her tbh. She does a wonderful job doing her kinda first real anal. She even says it feels pretty good as we get to the end. She does some very compliant ass to mouth, some great gapes, and finally I fill that pussy up with a hot warm load. As she’s dressing and we’re trying to shoo her out the door, it appears she’s not on the birth control. We also happen to be fresh outta plan-B. So Rick’s gotta do the RESPONSIBLEEEEE thing and take her to grab one of them morning after pills. Having a plan-B, muddies your plan-A has always been my philosophy, but I don’t want this chick tracking me down for child support or some shit. Either way, Rick was nice enough to record her taking that plan-B at least for my piece of mind, so ya’ll get to see it too. Enjoy, Cam

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Lindsey Lane - 19 Years Old
Released: November 4, 2021

So your mom knows you’re here doing this? “Well, she knows I’m here but she doesn’t know what I’m doing. She thinks I’m doing a lingerie shoot.” Love that Lindsey and as you will find out today, a whole new world opens up when you start lying to your parents and today’s going to be a special treat for all of you. It’s 19 year-old Lindsey Lane who’s from a small town and she’s here to experience the bright lights, big city experience...

Her hometown is so small in fact there must not be enough guys to sample and figure out what good sex is and Lindsey’s here for her first sex on camera accompanied by a whole lot of firsts. And the first thing we find out is Lindsey wants to fuck Tyler real bad because she hasn’t had sex in 5 months. These guys from her hometown must also be idiots. How can you not just want to fuck this girl? Cute as fuck, perfect and I do mean perfect little pussy that just begs to be licked and have a tongue stuck in it. Kicking body and she’s got an ass that streams slap me and treat me like the whore I want to be. Whoa whoa whoa Steve. Whore? Whore is a pretty strong word to describe a sweet and innocent little girl like Lindsey with. Well before you all go shooting the messenger, Lindsey likes it rough and degrading. She prefers it actually and unfortunately we failed to ask this wolf in sheep’s clothing sex kitten all of these crucial questions at the beginning. Tyler was just so excited to fuck her he forgot what to ask and just gave her the girlfriend treatment. You know what that means right? We’ll just have to have her back and treat her like the slut she is and pronto. Ok Steve but after that Synopsys of Lindsey just how many firsts can there really be? Well let’s count the firsts shall we? So last things first and numero uno it’s this girls first facial ever and I believe her. This girl’s a pleaser and even though she wants to be treated like a whore she’s still looking for that special someone to whisper “I’m going to pound your fuck hole you sweet little fucking whore” into her ear while they degrade her. And you thought romance was lost. Ok, first numero dos: It’s her first orgasm ever. Yes we found this out also after the shoot and now for sure she wont be fucking any of the guys from her hometown again because she’s in love with Tylers cock, the sybian and her new best friend the magic wand. I think she’s going to go buy one and like pronto with the money she made today. And last but not least first numero tres: And this is a big one. Like so many girls inexperienced in great sex Lindsey thought she couldn’t squirt. Well we have the mystro with the golden fingers that can make 99.999999% of all women squirt and it happened within 5 seconds of Rocky playing with that pretty pink pussy of hers. “How? How is that possible?” is what Lindsey said in disbelief when Rocky’s fingers were covered in her cum. Well you’re welcome honey and maybe we’ll start including Rocky and his amazing ability to make any girl squirt as a regular feature here. So get ready everyone and grab your lube because Lindsey is very spank worth, very. This scene is almost 2 hours long and worth every pussy-dripping minute. Enjoy Steve.

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Reese Robbins - Exploited College Girls
Released: November 18, 2021

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Luna Mars - 22 Years Old Girl
Released: October 14, 2021

Ok Luna go stand in front of the Family sign over there. THE FAMILY SIGN! Oh no! Oh my god there’s so much wrong with that LOL is what today’s Ex*!%@t cried out when we did her introduction video. Well there aint much of anything wrong with what happened next which was her taking off her clothes and spreading those fine as fuck ass-cheeks to reveal that cute as a button pussy for what I like to say is a proper introduction...

Yes today we present to all of you Luna Mars. She’s 22 years old and she’s been in a little bit of a dry spell she admits in her interview. I have no fucking clue why this girl wouldn’t get dick, or pussy for that matter, every single fucking day if I looked like her and loved sex as much as she claims to. This girl also claims that her tits are her best feature but I must disagree with Miss Mars on this one because I’m a legs and ass kinda man and hers are fucking spectacular. I mean Luna’s ass is so perfect, with the cutest little pussy and asshole to boot between them I just want to scream it from a mountain top. Yummy I say! A slap across the face would totally be worth a fresh sneaky peek squeeze if I saw it walking around out in public and didn’t know her. Might also get me arrested but that would be worth it also. When you look at Luna’s legs and that perfect ass attached to them you just feel… compelled to spread them and stick your tongue up both her holes from behind they’re that cute and inviting. If Luna’s body was sushi I’d eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day. I’d also nibble on it in between meals as snacks and never get tired of eating the same fucking thing every day. I bet even her farts smell like roses. Now for a girl with this perfect a body and cute face she must be a little cuckoo in the noggin upstairs you’re asking. Nope! Luna’s just as down to earth and cool as your best buddy and her personality makes this girl on a scale of 1 to 10 an 11. I swear to god, you just want to grab her head and fuck her personality through her mouth. I believe that’s called throat fucking Steve but you get the picture I trying to paint here right? Everything about this girl screams girlfriend or wife material and its days like these I wished I were still performing. I mean everyone wants a cool and totally chill girl who loves sex, has a smoking hot body and is totally easy on the eyes who loves girls and pussy as much as cock, and who’ll also be waiting at home legs spread wide and all when you come walking through your front door after a hard day’s work. Well-said Steve. Well said and you’ll all be very happy to know we had multiple shoots with her also so keep your eyes in your head pealed for them because they’re all very spank worthy. So enough of what I think of this girl so I’ll shut the fuck up and let you all start watching and spanking. Enjoy Luna everyone! Steve

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Tess Tango - 24 Years Old
Released: October 28, 2021

Some girls just want to be porn stars and today’s Ex*!%@t Tess Tango fits this bill perfectly. This girl has all the requirements to make it in the Jizz Bizz. She’s eager to suck cock and do whatever we ask of her. She loves to show off her very nice and sexy body claiming her tits are her favorite feature. She can even do the splits and this girl wasted no time showing her skills off on the bed before we started the interview giving us a little sneaky peak of her very cute pussy...

She, in fact, couldn’t keep her hands off her tits and perky nipples either as we got to know her. We love this about horny girls and in fact, she had the cutest way of playing with her pussy as we asked her questions and there are no complaints with anything this sex kitty wants to play with. She just has this way of oozing sex and playing up to the camera like a stripper trying to excite the patrons at your local gentleman’s club. Well here’s a no shocker, Tess is a dancer and this girl knows how to work a room with all the assets she has at her disposal. So I bet you’re guessing that Tess has done everything being so super sexual and all but nope. This girl experienced a lot of firsts today including licking a guy’s ass for the first time, receiving her first facial, getting fucked with the magic wand and just overall gets her pussy wore out. Great job Tyler and job well done buddy. At least her pussy gets a rest because she lost her analginity the next day over at BackRoomCastingCouch and we heard she took it like a champ. My predictions are you will be seeing a lot more of Miss Tango spreading her moneymaker because she loves money and knows how to make it. So enjoy Tess everyone.

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Bess Breast - Bess Breast
Released: September 18, 2021

Who’s got the best breasts in town? It’s Miss Bess and boy-oh-boy are her tits big, round and natural. Her bodacious ass is also right up there as spectacular as well and Jake the director takes full advantage and totally pervs out all over this young twenty something as he has her get naked out in the living room. If you love your women thick and sex starved then this girl will wet your whistle as well as your cock as she deep throats both Jake then Isiah back in the bedroom after the Ambush. Did I say sex starved? Yes I did and unfortunately Miss Bess sadly admits to not being hit on very much and therefore doesnt get her trench laid with pipe very often. That’s going to change today honey and I don’t know why you’re not filled up more. You have an ass that screams “slap me,” and tits you just want to bounce on and have a play date with. Well today was Bess’s lucky day because she gets two cocks in one day which she’s never had before, in addition to fucking her first black guy ever. Glad we could make some wet dreams a reality dear so sit back and enjoy.

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Renee - 34 Years Old
Released: November 1, 2021

Paralegal Renee is here today to see if she’s got what it takes to be a star in the biz. She’s 34 years old which is a little older than our typical casting candidate. But what’s that old saying? The older the berry the sweeter the juice, or something like that? That’s absolutely the case with Renee. Renee is what I like to call a freeaaaaak. She knows exactly what she likes, and she’s not afraid to ask for it. It’s a pretty nice change of pace. If we’re being honest, I dropped the ball on this one just a little bit, I should have railed this girls asshole for at least another hour or so. This girl didn’t flinch at anything Rick and I threw at her, and she’s more than ready to get this job. So Rick gets her out of that polka dotted dress, and I get my cock in her mouth...

That blowjob really is A+. I bend her over the desk and rail that pussy before I decide with her love of anal, it’d be a shame not to spend the majority of my time in that butthole. So pretty quickly I make with the ass fuckin’. So I spend the rest of my day railing that beautiful butthole. She loves every second of it. The pounding, the ass to mouth, the gaping. She can’t get enough. I’d have to say my favorite moment was when I was stroking to pop all over her face, and without any instruction I felt her slowly making her way lower and lower. So why not go ahead and lick my ass while you’re at it, and of course that’s what she does. Not because I suggested it, because it’s what this wonderful dirty slut wanted to do. I give her a big fat load on her face, and we talk to her a bit while it’s dripping down. She finds out she isn’t getting paid and away she goes.

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Dalton - 20 Years Old
Released: October 25, 2021

Dalton is a 20 year old who works in a yogurt shop. She’s obviously too pretty for a lame ass job like that. So whats a girl to do when she’s such a good looking fish in an ugly bowl? Well she tries her hand at taking dick for a living! So Today, Rick and me are gonna see if she’s got what it takes to take some dick. Dalton is a lot of fun, she’s has us cracking the fuck up all throughout the interview. She really does have a down to earth personality. We all know sometimes girls who were gifted with great looks sometimes end up lacking in the personality department and you’ll see with Dalton, that isn’t the case. Her sexual skills are on point though and I have a damn good time playing with her holes. She’s not done a lot of anal, but she does a good job taking my cock. She does some ATM, we get some baby gapes, and a little mini DP with some toys, she’s a good girl indeed. I finish up by painting her face with a nice load which she usually doesn’t let dudes do, I guess Im the lucky one.

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Evelyn Payne - Evelyn Payne
Released: October 16, 2021

Today Evelyn’s back and she’s fresh off her shoots at ExCoGi and BackRoomCasting were she killed it. You know you only loose your pornginity once and Evelyn lost more than her pornginity with us. Her first sex on camera was over at ExCoGi and at backroom she lost her Analginity. I must say both her scenes are very spank worthy so go check them out. So actually Tyler, who’s playing the director today, convinced Miss Payne that today was another ExCoGi scene where she was going to take 2 cocks and this girl was so excited to take one in the pink and one in the stink for her first ever DP...

I’m not sure who’s more excited for today’s events, Tyler or Evelyn? You see Tyler didn’t get to fuck Evelyn over at ExCoGi and you can just see he cant wait to get his hands on her. The only problem is he will have to wait another day to fuck her for her DP scene, that we actually shot the next day, because we have an ambush planned for little Evelyn and I don’t think she minded one damn bit when Isiah Maxwell walked out of the shower for the biggest cock she’s ever fucked. “Can someone say BBC!!!” is what she screamed when she got her first look at what Isiah was packing as she knelt before him to start sucking. Deep throating? You bet she did and she isn’t acting when she says she’s never fucked or sucked a cock this big before. My man Isiah knows how to fuck a lady and fuck her right, one orgasm after another and another and another for a fuck session she wont soon forget. So enjoy Evelyn everyone.

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Evelyn Payne - DP
Released: October 21, 2021

You survived girl. Those were quite the loads of cum that you took and you took’em both like a champ. Now it’s not too often we bring girl’s back for a third or even a fourth scene so you know a girls pretty special if she dings the bell 5 times and today is a ding, ding, ding, ding, ding! It’s Evelyn Payne the cutie that allowed us to take all her firsts on camera and then decided to take the major leap head first off the high dive. She might have tested the porn pool waters out with more then just her big toe, deciding to do her first girl/girl, boy/girl, anal, and BBC with us...

But now she’s decided to jump head first into the deep end of the debauchery porn pool to let us fill all her holes… AT ONCE!!! I’m talking about DOUBLE PENETRATION everyone and it’s this girl’s first time ever taking one in the pink and one in the stink. Yes she’s nervous, you expect that and we love it. You know some days are just a hell of a lot better than others and it’s Alex Mach and Tyler who gets the pleasure of violating this not so innocent of a girl’s orifices. “I like double penetration and I think it’s my new favorite” is what she said more than a few times today as our studs took out their perversions in her holes. So if you like your sex nasty, dirty, rough and when the girl’s in a little bit of pain but in the end loves it and wants to do more of it? Like every day more and please DP me every time I get fucked loves it. Then this scene is for you. Enjoy Evelyn everyone. Steve

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Rose & Gracie - Gracie And Rose Threeway
Released: October 18, 2021

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Stella Sedona - Stella Sedona
Released: September 23, 2021

Download for Free », - Evelyn Payne

Evelyn Payne - Evelyn Payne
Released: September 30, 2021

A lot of times we get first timers who are just this side of innocent and inexperienced, which is fine by us, but oh no, that’s not what we’ve got in store for you this week. Meet 23 year old blonde and beautiful Evelyn, a girl that lost her innocence somewhere in the 5th grade when she was dry humping her girlfriend and then lost her virginity at 12! If there was ever a girl born for sex, well we think we’ve got her right here!...

So what happens when you get started at such a tender age? You graduate into “the lifestyle” of course and wind up at swinger clubs fucking for days until you cum up for air before diving deep into somebodies lap again. Evelyn is really into the swinger thing and has practically done it all, guys, girls, toys, guys with toys etc. etc.. The one thing she hasn’t done is make a porno, which thankfully brings her to us, and yeah, it was inevitable right? Even though she has a girlfriend, she does have a thing for big cocks and was happy to jump on new guy Tyler for a great little fuck fest that had us going “damn girl!”, or maybe that was just her ass, we kinda lost track there for a while. In the end Evelyn winds up with a big cum covered smile and we’re sure you’re going to enjoy it just as much!

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UPDATED Jessica">, - UPDATED Jessica

UPDATED Jessica">

UPDATED Jessica - Jessica
Released: September 16, 2021

Today we have, and how should I put this… something for you comparable to an “everything bagel.” Let me explain. There’s comedy in this scene, yes comedy. There’s intensity like I’ve never witnessed before, and I’ve been doing this for 20 years. There’s finger scratching and mouth biting that breaks the skin, kinky. Sorry Tyler, that’s going to leave a mark and I guess everyone has his or her Vietnam. Well today was Tyler’s...

There were also on-going negotiations of fingering one’s assholes while Tyler fucked the shit out of our newbie immediately followed by statements and questions of what type of food they will be having after the shoot. Arby’s roast beef sandwiches or Mexican? I’m not kidding and if you read her favorite position it says she loves the cowgirl but we were too afraid to do it because she gets, and these are her exact words. “I get too violent in that position.” Now she did claim right before reverse cowgirl that she would probably be able to do it without getting “too violent.” But we thought, better be safe than sorry. Ok so a bit further down the magical mystery ride we find out this girl loves anal but wouldn’t let Tyler put anything up her ass. She even showed up to the shoot super excited that she brought her own butt plug, but quickly doused that fire by stating a hard no to nothing up her ass. Hmmmm? The excitements that ooze from this girl about sexual acts that can’t be performed today made me say this a few times. You know, and things that make you go hmmmm? Well she did lick ass for the first time ever today and even said it during her post shoot confessional that it was the highlight of the shoot and that she’d been trying to get guys to let her do it for about three years. But again, she made this statement about 75 seconds into doing it, “Fuck that, I ain’t eating ass no more.” Well said young lady, and another hmmmm. Do you kiss your loved ones with that mouth? But lets strip away all the contradictions and ambiguity surrounding the action shall we and let’s get to the heart and essence of this girl because this girl is sweet as molasses when a dick’s not in her. I’m not kidding. This girl is 19 years-old and answers, “Yes ma’am and no ma’am” when spoken to, and other than her intensely aggressive tattoos this girl totally comes across as very well mannered. Sweet as a button Jessica is I’m telling you, but don’t let this freckly cutie pie fool you. No no no no no this girl is wild and likes to dominate. Not “be dominated,” but dominate, and today’s shoot was summed up quite eloquently while Tyler was trying to wrangle this Southern girl during the first position. “Dang girl you’re like wrestling a crocodile” he says in disbelief of how wild and intense Jessica is and you’ll just have to see for yourself. You just have to! So in summary, lets be clear. Jessica’s a totally awesome and superbly wild girl to shoot with and yes today kind of felt like a hurricane had passed through the ExCoGi bedroom. Of course there were some impending warning signs of the potential danger that we carelessly shook off and yes inadequately prepared for the events. But hey, there was lots of intensity and passion which was immediately followed by eerily calms surrounded by the “not in the too distant future,” wrecking ball sex. Those are Tyler’s words used to describe today’s events right after he blew his load all over Jessica’s face and I have to agree with him. Today was a trip through the eye of “it” and ExCoGi Steve’s prediction of the weather today should have been sunshine mixed with a little hurricane. So buckle up and enjoy the ride because you’re not likely going to see another like it soon. Cheers!

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