, - Laura

Laura - Horny Detective

"Horny Detective"

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Laura Boomlock - Chubbath Adventure

"Chubbath Adventure"

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Laura Boomlock - Chubbath Adventure


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Klara Wells - The Busty Lady Ignores Young Cock... Or Not..?


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Tiffany Tatum - Your wife or my slut? Switch on the lights and see!
Released: December 17, 2021

Today I decided to visit my friend, he wanted to introduce me to his new girlfriend. She was SIMPLY INCREDIBLE – her long legs, firm booty, and blue eyes were enough to drive any man wild with lust. She glanced at me playfully, it was obvious that she also liked me. What happened next is something I like to call “The Hand of God”! The lights turned off all of a sudden and we were left in pitch-darkness. - What the hell? Lemme take care of it… - my friend said. Suddenly, I felt my denim pants sliding down as someone’s wet mouth started pleasuring my cock… The lights turned back on as unexpectedly as before – I got to see my friend’s face when he caught us in the act! He was confused and angry, all at first. - What the fuck do you think you’re doing? Grabbed the wrong cock in the dark? – he shouted. I decided to calm him down by offering him some money I had in my pocket. - Look, man, this kinda stuff happens more than you think… don’t be mad! At least get SOMETHING out of it, okay?

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Kinuski Kakku - The wrong door, but the right pussy - E30
Released: December 17, 2021

My old friend had invited me to come to his place. It’s been a while since I last saw him so I was glad to chat with him after all this time. He told me that he started dating this hot girl which I didn’t know about. We could keep on talking for hours, but suddenly I felt the urge to pee. - Hey, man, where’s the bathroom? He pointed to the door at the end of the hallway. I went there and quickly opened the door. I was very much surprised when I opened the door and saw a beautiful naked girl. She wasn’t expecting to see me there. She began to scream and my friend quickly came to see what was going on. They both started gesturing and talking to me with frustration. - Hey, man, I was just going to pee, I didn’t want to do anything bad… However, seeing how hot your girlfriend is, I’m ready to give you all my money if you allow me to have sex with her… What do you say, buddy?

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Kiara Lord - A good gift for a bad Santa! - E32
Released: December 18, 2021

It was Christmas eve… Some of my friends that I haven’t seen for quite a while, had invited me for a Christmas dinner. I put my Santa Claus suit on, took some presents and a festive mood with me. When I entered their house, I got astounded. Jack was still the same silly guy, but his way did change a lot. I was trying to play it cool for the whole evening, but, geez, I couldn’t take my eyes off that sweet pussy...

I was glued to her big tits, round ass, and soft lips… She was making my cock ready to explode! I couldn’t resist the temptation and started touching her right in front of her husband. - What the fuck are you doing?! Are you drunk?! – Jack shouted. I told him to relax and gently pat on his shoulder. - Take it easy, man! I’m having a good time and I didn’t seem to get my Christmas present yet. You know what? I’d love to fuck your wife and I’m ready to pay for it, what would you say?

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Monika Fox - A good thief is the one that gets fucked - E33
Released: December 18, 2021

I was coming home after a long day at work. Everything I could think of was chilling on my sofa and drinking some cold beer. I was already opening my front door when suddenly, I saw something moving. I quickly turned the lights on and saw two persons wearing black masks and looking through my stuff. - Freeze or I will fucking get shoot you! – I screamed and somehow it worked. They noticed me and lifted their hands in the air. I came closer and took off their masks while also getting ready to call the cops. But I was really surprised to find out that underneath the mask was a hot and sexy babe...

She was scared and look at me with her big beautiful eyes. So, I came up with something else. - Look, you’ve got two options here. Either we do it nicely, I’ll give you some money and fuck your friend or I’m calling the cops. Which one are you going to choose?

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Sata Jones - E19
Released: December 16, 2021

This lady caught my attention – I have never EVER seen someone slip into debt prison because of adult toys. I managed to track her down and enter her apartment undetected! Her collection of sex toys really was an impressive one. Once the girl barged into the room, she was dumbstruck after seeing the handsome stranger (me) but I made things REAL clear: Listen up, baby – there are two ways this can end. You either return the toys or you enjoy the real deal right now. What’s your pick?

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Serina Gomez - Anything goes in Prague! You can enjoy the architecture; you can fuck taken women! - E29
Released: December 16, 2021

It was a gloomy day but I was really enjoying the views of Prague. My voyage was rather uneventful, so I was looking for a change… All of a sudden, I saw this older guy hanging out with a barely legal lass. As far as I could tell, she was 18-20 and she looked GORGEOUS. They were arguing because of financial problems. Yeah, this city ain’t cheap, I can attest to that. The guy wasn’t able to afford the life she wanted. You should have seen this lady in red, she was straight-up angelic! My demons pushed me towards her, I wanted to ram my cock inside her. The guy was THIS close to knocking me the fuck out once I suggested cuckolding, but a fat stack of cash was enough to calm him down. And me? I got to use that tight body of hers!

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Queenlin - E14
Released: September 21, 2021

Queenlin - That’s MY toothbrush… and that’s MY cock! - E14

It began like any other evening: I was prepping to spend a few minutes washing up before bed… but my sister got to the bathroom before me. The bitch refused to let me in and got real mad once she realized I used her toothbrush. Gimme a break! It’s not like we’re strangers or something, right? We’ve been swapping bacteria ever since our folks moved in together. I shit you not, her response was: “You’re not my REAL brother! Oh, and by the way, if you don’t care about the toothbrush maybe I should blow you as well?” I was stunned, to say the least, but, hey, it would be stupid to say “no” to an impromptu blowjob! Also, my stepsister is a fine-ass vixen, so my hard cock responded with a resounding “YES!”

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Tutor 4K - E11
Released: September 21, 2021

Tutor 4K - How To Fuck Like Picasso - E11

I had an art history exam coming soon, so I found a tutor who could help prepare for it. When we started our lesson, she told me that I could do better if I try to paint something myself. I had a white piece of paper and a few marker pens in front of me, but all I could think of was sex. My tutor was pretty mature, yet a very sexy woman, and I would surely love to draw something on her back with nothing else but my cum. I took a marker pen and wrote “FUCK HERE ->” on her leg, with an arrow pointing to her pussy. She got scared and tried to get away, but it was obvious that she got very horny, and deep inside she really liked what was going on. She spread her legs with obedience allowing me to create my live sex masterpiece.

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Alexis Fox - E17
Released: September 19, 2021

Alexis Fox - Sex picnic with her friends dad - E17

A young beauty decided to go topless before catching some rays in the woods. It wasnt her first rodeo, but she did get busted by her friends dad. He got hard looking at her rockin body and started beating his stick off. She saw him staring and she liked it – the girl motioned him to come over. The mature stud ate her out before enjoying a sensational cowgirl session. The lover went thru multiple positions before the young seductress was rewarded with a tasty load in her mouth. A perfect picnic!

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Mona Blue - E17
Released: September 20, 2021

Mona Blue - Room service! You requested the three-way rimming, right? - E17

Mona and Jack are a very open-minded couple. They love sex and are eager to broaden their horizons. Something truly special happened that day: they were making love before lunch, just to work up an appetite when suddenly someone knocked on the door. Jack saw a food runner enter their hotel room after he opened the door. A young, admittedly handsome man set a delicious meal in front of them. As he glanced at his wife, Jack realized exactly what she wanted to try instead of the food. They dragged the stranger into the room to arrange a hot threesome. Mona was so hungry that she literally threw herself onto the new guy. She licked his ass and took care of her husband’s needs as well. It was a genuinely unforgettable rimjob session!

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Scarlett Vladi - E12
Released: September 20, 2021

Scarlett Vladi - Birthday bang! - E12

Today’s the day – my mother’s good friend, Scarlett, was celebrating her birthday. I decided to drop by with a b-day cake in tow. I was greeted by something completely unexpected: the usually prudish Scarlett was bound! She wasn’t completely naked, though – the chubby beauty was wearing sunglasses, a funny hat, stockings, and a gag. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to snap a few pictures with this slut! Now that’s shameful! Guess she was prepping to celebrate the special occasion. I poured myself some tea to take a moment to fully appreciate her tempting curves. Ignoring Scarlett’s muffled grunting, I seized the opportunity – “Spread your legs, time to celebrate!”

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Judy - E15
Released: September 19, 2021

Judy - Hey, waiter! A coffee for me and a firm cock for my mature wife! - E15

An elderly couple reminisced about the good old days over dinner. The hubby obviously cannot give it to his mature wife like he used to. As luck would have it, they were being served by a young, charming waiter. The old lady was too hot for her age. When she began fantasizing about the hunk’s naked, buff body, her hairy old cunt got all kinds of moist. “We don’t have any money to pay you!” – the thirsty lady said and offered a sloppy blowjob instead of cash. She started choking on his dick before he could blurt out the words. The waiter was stunned, but his hard-on was ready for more! What can you do? Enjoy your meal and happy watching, hubby!

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