, - Ava Stone, Giovanni Francesco

Ava Stone, Giovanni Francesco - Case No. 6615423 - The Shoplyfter can Dance
Released: Sep 23, 2023

At the store, Ava was reported for stealing some merchandise. She is a tattoo artist and she needs the supplies to open her new shop, but Officer Giovanni cannot allow this. When taken for questioning, Ava is uncooperative with the security guard, giving him false information and hiding the stolen goods. Giovanni knows about her lies, so he strips her naked and conducts a thorough cavity search. Now that Ava is fully nude, the officer pulls the merch that she stole and tells her to use it, rubbing some oil on Ava and tying her hands. Giovanni is willing to let her go this time, but in exchange, she must dance for him and show him a good time. Eager to go, Ava accepts the deal and adds a little spice to the mix.

Download for Free », - Misty Meaner, Laya Rae, Nicole Rae

Misty Meaner, Laya Rae, Nicole Rae - Unconventional Feelgoodery
Released: Sep 22, 2023

Aunt Nicole spends a few days visiting Misty and her stepdaughter, Laya. Nicole loves to help others feel as good as she does, so when Laya and Misty separately tell Nicole about their problems, Nicole helps them with her own set of handy toys and unorthodox methods. The first attempts do not go well, but later on, as Nicole apologizes for the result, the three women come closer and make each other feel good in a more traditional (and horny!) way.

Download for Free », - Angelina Moon, Donnie Rock, Elias Cash

Angelina Moon, Donnie Rock, Elias Cash - Newlywed Lifestyle
Released: Sep 22, 2023

Angelina is a newlywed adjusting to her new liberal lifestyle. Her husband Donnie is amazing and her new stepson Elias adores her. Yet, she’s still trying to adjust herself to her new lifestyle. In particular, she’s a more conservative gal whereas Donnie is accustomed to running a more liberal household. Nevertheless, Angelina is determined to adapt to her new family, so if freeusing is the rule, she’ll be the most available gal for her new husband and stepson!

Download for Free », - Penelope Woods, Jenn Cameron, Rion King

Penelope Woods, Jenn Cameron, Rion King - Not Without Her Blessing
Released: Sep 21, 2023

Penelope is happy with her new boyfriend Rion. But, there is just one issue: her nana Jenn hasn’t yet approved him. She is very strict with her granddaughter's boyfriends and Penelope can’t go out with them without her blessing. To evaluate her granddaughter's men, Jenn makes sure each of them is strong enough, loyal, and kinky in bed. Rion is about to be put to the test by the severe and horny milf.

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Dee Williams, Will Pounder - The Milf Boss’ Secret Sex Life
Released: Sep 21, 2023

Dee is an overachiever, a positive leader who always goes the extra mile at work and is loved by her whole team. Yet, the busty boss has one little secret: once the shift is over, she loves to chill by wearing sexy lingerie and becoming a dominatrix for younger dudes like Will. While she is properly dressed for the occasion, Will is already waiting for her in bed, tied and blindfolded. He knows that his hardcore dom lady will give him one hell of a fuck session.

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Zlata Shine, Linda Leclair, Tommy Gold - Joining in on the Fun
Released: Sep 20, 2023

Linda and Tommy are having fun in the hookup pad, but they are interrupted by Zlata when she comes to investigate all the noise. Instead of being mad, the situation piques her interest, and she wants in on their session. Now Tommy has two Euro babes to fuck, and he gets right to business!

Download for Free », - Jennifer White, Mandy Rhea, Victor Ray, Diego Perez

Jennifer White, Mandy Rhea, Victor Ray, Diego Perez - Empty Nest - Part 2
Released: Sep 20, 2023

Empty Nest (Part 2 of 4): On their second stop of the trip, the boys and Jennifer, the hot milf in her self-discovery journey, decide to visit Mandy, Diego’s stepmom. This calm and free-spirited nudist teaches the prude Jennifer a lesson on how to live without restraints. Victor and Diego quickly pick up on Mandy’s vibe, but Jennifer feels out of place. Seeing how she struggles with the naturist lifestyle, Mandy takes it upon herself to mentor her with the sexy help from the guys.

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Melody Mynx, Chad Alva - Call Me Kitty
Released: Sep 19, 2023

Melody notices Chad has been staring at her tits. When Chad is finally alone, she makes her move. Melody shows Chad what he wants to see and makes him feel her up. Soon after, the milf has Chad’s cock in her mouth. Chad fucks Melody hard and shows her a good time!

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Briana Banderas, Rion King, Joshua Lewis - An Unforgettable Birthday
Released: Sep 18, 2023

Briana’s birthday is coming up and her stepson, Joshua, is very excited about it! Rion, the boy’s cool step-uncle, gives him some advice on what to give her on her special day: breakfast in bed, foot massage, a good day out, all sorts of simple yet effective ideas. Rion and Joshua surprise her on her big day, doing all the stuff she loves…with an extra spice of sex on each activity to make the experience truly unforgettable!

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Sandy Love, Misty Meaner, Conor Coxxx - Horny Competition
Released: Sep 17, 2023

Conor and his girlfriend Misty have been having some issues. He wants to take the next step, but she is just too conservative. Luckily for him, his stepmom Sandy has a crush on him and she is willing to do anything that Sandy doesn’t want to. The plot thickens when Misty catches Sandy giving Conor a blowjob. She threatens to leave him until she realizes that she can’t compete with Sandy, so the two girls do a horny threesome with Conor to see who he loves more.

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Tiffani Madison, Nicky Rebel - The Boss’ Needs
Released: Sep 17, 2023

Oliver’s summer internship is almost over and he feels he hasn’t learned enough from his hot boss Tiffani. But everything is about to change when the intern gets a boner right in front of her. Tiffani takes control of the situation and uses it to her advantage, giving Oliver what he wants but always knowing who’s really in charge.

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Nikki Zee, Chris Epic - Have You Tried Anal?
Released: Sep 16, 2023

Chris and Nikki have been together for a long time, but they clearly have different definitions of how sex should be. Whereas Chris wants to experiment with filthy alternatives, Nikki is more of a “vanilla sex” kind of gal. The two can’t decide on what to do next…until anal sex becomes an option!

Download for Free », - Valentina Bellucci, Scott Trainor

Valentina Bellucci, Scott Trainor - Zero Tolerance
Released: Sep 14, 2023

Valentina is shocked when she learns that her son Jackie has been caught bullying other kids at school. Principal Trainor has a zero-tolerance policy for these kinds of cases, so he's at risk of expulsion. Valentina can't even think of the possibility of Jackie getting expelled, so she is willing to do whatever Mr. Trainor says to keep him in school. Now, Scott has Valentina exactly where he wants her, so the pervy principal will have an intense fuck session with the concerned mom that will satisfy both parties.

Download for Free », - Jennifer White, Maddy Oreilly, Angelina Diamanti, Casca Akashova, Lilian Stone, Jordan Maxx, Ophelia Kaan, Vivianne DeSilva, Demi Diveena, Sandy Love, Callie Brooks

Jennifer White, Maddy Oreilly, Angelina Diamanti, Casca Akashova, Lilian Stone, Jordan Maxx, Ophelia Kaan, Vivianne DeSilva, Demi Diveena, Sandy Love, Callie Brooks - Dripping Moms Compilation
Released: Sep 15, 2023

What’s up, MYLF lovers? We know you were begging to see this collection, so the wait is over! Everyone here loves a good milf with a wet pussy, so for this amazing compilation, you’ll see Callie, Maddy, Ophelia, and Vivianne’s beavers and kissers dripping with hot cum after jaw-dropping fuck sessions.

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Cassie Del Isla, Barbie Feels, Anthony Pierce, Nick Strokes - It Takes Two to Spy
Released: Sep 12, 2023

Busty milfs Barbie and Cassie have caught their stepsons, Anthony and Nick, spying on their stepsisters. The milfs know they must show their stepsons the value of privacy, so they set up their own webcam to spy on the guys. Anthony and Nick catch on immediately and jerk off so their stepmoms see their dicks. Barbie and Cassie can’t help but get turned on. Later, while Barbie and Cassie are in the kitchen, they realize that Anthony and Nick are spying on them. But this time, they’re ready to have some fun, and they want to fuck around a little. Nick fucks Barbie, and Anthony fucks Cassie, but to make things even hotter, the milfs swap so they can get fucked by their own stepsons!

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Lexi Lore, Cory Chase, Nick Strokes - The Kinkiest Cowgirl of the West
Released: Sep 15, 2023

Cory used to be known as “Reckless Cory”, the greatest rodeo cowgirl in town. Yet, she left those behind, trading the lasso and horse for a quiet tavern that she runs with her horny and useless stepson, Nick. When a hopeful young cowgirl named Lexi comes around looking for the rodeo legend, Cory’s memories come right back to her, and she’ll get to relive her glory days through a freeuse training session. Will this teen cowgirl make Cory proud?

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