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Blondie Bombshell - Blondies Bikini Sex
Released: December 17, 2021

German sex star and bikini babe Blondie Bombshell is splish-splashing in the pool when she spots Milan. Hes out for some sun and pool too. Blondie greets him with a boob-hug. She asks Milan what he wants to do with the bottle of oil in his hand. No doubt to rub that oil all over Blondies body, with special care taken to coat her tits and ass. Blondie peels off her tiny bikini, ready to get greased. Milan rubs Blondie and her tits the right way...

When Milan gets to Blondies butt cheeks, he buries his face in her ass crack. Obviously hes hiding from someone or he just likes sticking his nose in Blondies business. Blondie feels his package and pulls down his trunks to see whats up. Whats up is Milans pipe, which Blondie wants to smoke, judging by her smile as she examines it. She begins drooling as soon as she puts it in her mouth. Blondie wants to get out of the hot sun and go indoors. They find a sofa by the window. The first thing Blondie wants to do is resume her cock sucking. She hovers over his lap and hoovers his dick, then lies back, tits-up, so he can bang her boobs. Wetting Blondies hole with a tongue-lashing, Milan spreads her legs wide and drives in deep, pumping her smooth pussy. Occasionally glancing at the camera, Blondie makes sexy pleasure sounds, moans, murmurs and tells him how much she likes what hes doing to her. The way theyre fucking, shell soon be ready for a squirt of cum in her open, waiting mouth.

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Leana Lovings - Future Superstar
Released: December 18, 2021

Job: Student; Age: 24; Birthday: June 15; Height: 50"; Weight: 99 pounds; Bra Size: 34B; Panties: Commando; Anal: Nope; BJs: Spit; Masturbate: Yes. Leana has the face of an angel, a cute, young-looking body and a snug cunt. Shes enthusiastic about sex, and she gets loud and wet when shes fucking a big dick. Shes going to make an impact in the porn world soon. Take note. "I decided to try porn because one of my roomies does webcamming.

She always has a ton of cash and free time, so I asked her if I could join her for a show. I had never been naked on-camera before, so I was nervous. She stripped me down and told me to masturbate. I made a bunch of cash and I got hooked on the excitement. "Ive always been the shy, studious nerd in the back of the classroom, afraid to speak up. I was kind of that way in the bedroom before I started camming, too. But, I have more confidence now. Im downright loud now when I masturbate! I had a neighbor in the dorm bang on the wall to tell me to shut the fuck up! "Your stud was only, like, the sixth guy Ive ever fucked. His cock was a nice size. Every guy thinks girls want a humongous dick. Its not true! Thats just uncomfortable! Give me one from five to seven inches and Im happy."

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Laura Tithapia - Massage Therapist
Released: December 17, 2021

Laura Tithapia has a busy schedule as a massage therapist. Her talented hands can massage your stiffness away and provide pleasurable relief. For some clients who need extra therapy and attention, Lauras educated mouth, big tits and tight pussy hole may be applied. This is the case with Tom Holland. His neck and shoulders are stiff so he comes to Laura on a buddys recommendation. As soon as he sees her curvy, busty body in a tight, short dress and high heels, the stiffness works its way down...

Like anyone else who meets Laura Tithapia, all he can think about now is busting a nut on her face, boobs or ass. Laura gets busy on Toms shoulders and neck. She leans forward as her magic fingers work their miracle. The sight and feel of Lauras soft, large, fleshy jugs and the intoxicating scent of her creamy skin compel Tom to reach out and fondle Lauras breasts. He takes a tit out of her bra and sucks the nipple, then both nipples. She loves a good lip-lock on her titties and kneels before him to suck and tit-fuck his stiff dick. Laura takes off her dress and bra, lies down on her couch and squeezes her tits together so Tom can slip his cock between them and fuck them. When he begins banging Laura, she squeals in delight. Yes, Laura is a screamer when shes getting fucked. The harder Tom pounds her, the louder Laura gets and the faster her boobs swing. This therapeutic session is working out just fine.

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Denise La Fleur - No man can resist Denise
Released: December 3, 2021

"Why are you just standing there? Why dont you come a little closer?" 40-year-old wife and mom Denise La Fleur says to her guy, and thats a very good idea because Denise is looking especially sexy in a bra that shows off her big tits. Shes impossible to resist.

"Youre going to be a changed guy when Im done with you," she says before pushing him down onto the bed to suck his cock. Yep. Hes going to have less cum in his balls after cumming on her tits.

Denises favorite TV show and movie: "Seinfeld is my favorite TV show, but I cant pick just one movie. There are too many!"

Hobbies: Hiking, painting, drawing and listening to music.

Panties? "If Im going to wear panties, theyre either V-strings of Cheekies."

Jobs? "I have worked in retail and as an administrative assistant prior to working in an ambulance as an EMT."

By the way, Denise is a frequent visitor to (she and her husband have been members for several years) and often replies to...

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Amy Love - First a fake cock, then a real one for Amy
Released: December 2, 2021

In her return to 50PlusMILFs, 57-year-old Czech divorcee, mother and grandmother Amy Love is in bed and fucking herself with a toy. Is this another solo for big-titted Amy? Nope. Because although she doesnt know it right away, shes being watched, and when the guy makes his presence known, she lets him know that she wants his cock...

First, he takes over and fucks her with the toy. Then she jacks his cock and sucks it. And then she gets on all fours so he can fuck her. Amy gets fucked in a whole bunch of positions and takes his load on her rack.

"I often have sex every day," said Amy, and she has no trouble finding comers and cummers.

"I am sexually more assertive than passive," she said. "If I want a man, I will let him know."

She loves pussy. Shes trying to fulfill all of her sexual fantasies. And she used to be a teacher. How about that!

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Andi Ray - Butt Plugs And Anal Sex
Released: December 3, 2021

Andi Ray is happy to see Milan again and hes glad to see her. They fucked well together when Andi was a tutor and Milan a student rebel whod rather study sex education than get a degree. Now theyre reunited for a second date. A sex star, Andi straightens out Milan the proper way and helps him release a full load of cum on her face and tongue. Andis wearing a new, curve-hugging pink dress for this date and she cant wait to show Milan what else is going on with her...

She turns around to show him her pink thong and ass cheeks. Milan sees Andi has got a butt plug inside her. Guess what Milan is going to get shortly. Milan plays with Andis big hooters and puts her on her knees with her back to him so he can stick his fingers up her pussy. Andis a very vocal girl and never holds back, so her screams of pleasure fill the bedroom. Milan puts his fingers, wet from being inside her pink hole, into Andis mouth so Andi can suck them and taste her pussy juices. Andi cant wait to worship Milans cock and balls again, and we do mean worship. When they start fucking, Andi gets on top facing him. Milan fucks her pussy so hard, he bangs the butt plug out of her ass, not once but twice. He continues his drilling of Andis gaping asshole and she screams loudly the entire time in a boiling-hot pounding!

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Ashlyn Peaks - Hot As Fuck
Released: December 3, 2021

Voluptuous bra-buster Ashlyn Peaks chats with Milan and talks a little about herself. Ashlyn is a pretty natural originally from Georgia. Her favorite position is doggie-style, which she and Milan will get to shortly. Milan has Ashlyn stand up so he can ogle her curvy body and get hands-on. Helping her lower her dress and bra, Milan feels up and squeezes her big tits and puts a lip-lock on her nubile nipples. Its heaven to bury your face between big boobs and thats what Milan does with Ashlyns flesh jugs...

He may have become a certified breast-man with all his exposure to busty girls at SCORELAND and XLGirls. Divested of her dress, Ashlyn gets into bed, ass-up, breasts dangling. Milan pulls aside her panties so he can examine, spread and tongue her pussy. He fingers her pink hole and helps her take off her panties. Ashlyn opens Milans pants and his stiff dick pops out, making her smile. Shes eager to blow the man down deep and then lie on her back for a tit-fuck. For their first position, they choose a cowgirl with Ashlyn facing him and then the reverse. She rides him hard and gets back as good as she gives. Ashlyn takes the Milan cock deep from the side and from behind, getting her ass spanked while he pounds into her. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Charlee Chase, Sheridan Love - Sheridan, Charlee: Puss N Boobs
Released: December 5, 2021

Sheridan Love. Charlee Chase. Licensed to thrill. When Sheridan said that she was into girls, a tits and pussy pair-up was the proper thing to have. Charlee is warming up alone in bed, just about to seriously start jilling when the phone rings. Its Sheridan. Shes going out on a date and is nervous about it, having been out of the dating scene for a while. She asks Charlee to drop by and give her some girl support...

Charlee checks out Sheridans sexy outfit, and while its hot and looks great on Sheridans stacked figure, Charlee isnt happy with the panties. Sheridan needs much sexier panties. Charlee opens her robe and shows Sheridan what shes wearing. So Charlees goal is now to relax Sheridan and get her dolled up. Charlee gets on the bed with Sheridan and gives her a back rub to loosen her up. She rubs Sheridans back and tits with cream. Sheridan is now really relaxed and very horny. She drops Charlees top and begins sucking Charlees tits, turning her on. Then Sheridan lays on her back, legs open. She wants Charlee to lick her cunt. This is exactly what Charlee wants, the taste of Sheridans sweet pinkness on her tongue.

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Blondie Bombshell - Blondie Bombshell, Her Big Bombs
Released: November 26, 2021

Blondie Bombshell reaches into Milans pants looking for something. "I like big cock," says Blondie, with a gleam in her eyes. She takes his cock out to rub it, jerk it, lick it and suck it. Blondie makes a lot of purring pleasure sounds when she gives a blow job. Milan takes turns fucking Blondies tits and her pretty mouth. Blondie lowers her pussy on Milans dick, first in a reverse cowgirl and then in a bouncing cowgirl.

She sucks his cock a little more and then turns around so he can fuck her from behind. Blondie turns around once again so Milan can bang her in missionary. Blondie is a fuck-doll of the slim and stacked kind. Shes a porn star and a domina from Germany. She likes getting fucked doggie-style best and says she is satisfied when the guy cums. Giving blow jobs is her favorite kind of foreplay, and she usually spits. When Milan jerks off on her tits, Blondie tastes some of his nut off her fingers with a satisfied purr.

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Halcyon Gold - Deep And Wet
Released: November 25, 2021

"Actually, it was my husbands idea to get into this, and I had an invitation to come to Miami, and Id never been here before and I love it," said Halcyon Gold, a 52-year-old wife, mother and grandmother from rural North Carolina.

In her first fuck scene at, Halcyon goes deep and gets the entire cock wet. Weve often said some women suck cock and some women make love to cock. Halcyon is definitely in the latter category. She gets her lipstick all over it then goes deep on the cock once more.

Halcyon says her favorite position is doggy so the guy can go deep, and although she gets fucked in a whole lot of other positions, she obviously loves getting it from behind the most from this perfect stranger, a guy she met maybe five minutes before the camera rolled. She also is definitely not a cum dodger. So lets hear it for the newbie!

50Plus MILFs: When youre out in public, how do you dress?

Halcyon: It really depends on where Im going. If its out...

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Asia Rivera - Fun On The Job
Released: November 24, 2021

While Asia is babysitting the neighbors kid, she decides to have fun on the job. After putting little Timmy down for a nap, she rummages through his moms underwear drawer and tries on her sexy panties. Little does she know that the husband is watching her through the door. She asks him if she looks better than his wife in her panties, and while hes reluctant to agree, his hard-on tells Asia everything she needs to know.

"Whens the last time you even had a blow job?" she asks him. He cant remember, and Asia makes sure to give him a BJ to remember. She uses his cockhead to massage her tonsils, swallowing him deep with lots of spit and gurgling noises. Her saliva even leaves a stain down her shirt.

Asia lays back on the bed and spreads her legs so hubby can drill her deep. She gets on top and bounces her little ass on his pelvis as she rides. Her pussy juices spread all around her taint and ass as he fucks her from behind.

With pussy this good, theres only one place to cum: deep...

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Joana Bliss - An Oily Breast Massage
Released: November 20, 2021

Does the great beauty Joana Bliss bathe in the fountain of youth? Its a strong possibility she does. Joana takes a stroll on the terrace in shorts and a crop top and then in a pink bikini. Besides showing off her beautiful body, if her objective in taking this sexy walk is to make us rock-hard, shes succeeded. Joana likes knowing she gets guys poppin boners...or whatever the expression is in Romanian. For the first time at SCORELAND since she debuted in 2004, Joana has an oily breast massage by male hands...

Shes only posed solo or alongside other girls. Everyone has their favorite Joana scenes. For us at SCORELAND, its footage from Joanas trip to the Dominican Republic with Hitomi, Valory, Sha Rizel and Vanessa Y. When the lucky gent is done with his happy handiwork, and Joanas slippery nipples are tingling from the fondling and caressing of her big, heavy naturals, and her eyes are sparkling, she lays her fingers upon her pink cookie to continue her pleasurizing.

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Jenni Noble - The Jenni Noble Warm-Up
Released: November 19, 2021

Jenni Noble has been called one of the hottest girls of SCORELAND and rightfully so. Her naturally big, pliable breasts, voluptuous body, high sex drive and eager, down-to-earth personality created a big buzz here from day one. Its yoga time for Jenni, so shes brought her mat and dressed to workout. Nicky Rebel will be spotting Jenni and getting hands-on. The first thing to do is help Jenni stretch out and warm-up. She mentions that her inner thighs are a little tight...

Some leg stretches will fix that. The leg exercises do more than warm up her thighs. They warm up that velvet paradise between her legs. She begins to rub her pussy through her tight yoga pants. While shes on her back, Nicky warms up Jennis large soft to the touch. That hits another spot. They take an early break from this training session so Jenni can tug on and stretch Nickys boner through his pants. Pulling off his pants, Jenni lights up even more when his hard dick pops up. She puts a lip-lock on his cock and balls and tongues him like its an ice cream cone. After she pulls off her top, Jenni wedges his dick between her tasty ta-tas for a lusty tit-fuck. Jennis a sucker for a hard sucker. The rest of the yoga class is suspended so Jenni can workout on his pole, getting on top of it, sliding down and feeling it fill up her bushy pussy to give her that warm, fuzzy feeling.

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Anna Katz - Super-Sex
Released: November 19, 2021

Back by popular demand, Anna Katz packs erotic star power in every photo and video shoot she does at Dont take our word for it. Seth wrote "She carries her beauty in a sublime and seductive way that induces a trance of desire and a wish to be able to wrap around every delicious and dreamy inch of that knockout body. Her curves are the content of pure XL dreams." In this scene, Anna is sitting at the table with Nikolaus...

Theres a bowl of bananas on the table in front of her. Anna teases him, peeling it and sucking and licking it suggestively. Anna takes another banana, does not peel it and rubs it between her massive breasts. Anna is ready. She takes Nikolaus by the hand and leads him to the bedroom. He watches her get naked. She plays with her huge tits and gets into bed so he can lick and finger-jam her pussy. Hovering over him, Anna gives Nikolaus head, licks his balls and rubs his cock between her breasts. They flip positions so Nikolaus can fuck her tits with her on her back. Nikolaus sucks, licks and squeezes Annas breasts. They get so worked up that they cant wait any longer to get it on. Their first position is Anna under Nikolaus. Her entire body jiggles and shakes as he fucks her. Anna is a very vocal girl and her cries fill the room!

Download for Free », - Rikki Waters

Rikki Waters - Testing The Waters
Released: November 15, 2021

Rikki Waters begins her XL Girls video with an interview with the guy whos going to fuck her. Carlos has her walk around the room so he can check her out in her sexy lingerie. He voices his approval, which pleases Rikki. He tells her to spank her ass and bend over on the couch for a detailed inspection. "Show me how you like to get spanked," he instructs. Rikki shows how she likes a hard ass-cheek slap followed by a rub. "How hard do you like your ass to be spanked?" questions Carlos. "Real hard," Rikki laughs.

Carlos comes over and tries his palm on her butt while Rikki kneels on the couch in a doggie pose. Hes not going to win any awards for his spanking technique but Rikki likes it. Hes more interested in getting a hands-free blow job while her big tits are propped up on his thigh. Kneeling on the floor, she jacks his shaft with one fist while licking and sucking his hanging nuts. Rikki almost gets all of his cock down her throat. All the mouth worshiping leads to her first...

Download for Free », - Angel Wicky

Angel Wicky - Anal Creampie Angel
Released: November 14, 2021

Its his one-man bachelor party and Angel Wicky is his entertainer for the evening in this club. Shes all pink and blonde and sugar-sweet. Angel promises to give the groom a show and a lap dance hell never forget. It might even make him change his marriage plans. A born exhibitionist, Angel dances in her hypnotic costume on the stage of the private champagne room and flaunts her perfect body at her seated guest...

She taunts and teases him about having fun on his "last night." Angel shakes and jiggles her big boobs. She turns around and rotates her fine ass. Her spell is cast. A man would need the willpower of a kung-fu monk to resist this Angel. Hovering over him, Angel unleashes her twins from her bikini top, shoving her tits in his face and giving him some cleavage to motorboat. He worships those fuckable hooters, sucking her nipples and sinking his fingers in her soft tit-flesh. Angels bachelor-party special gets hotter than usual. She lovingly unzips his pants and takes his prick out to suck. It pops out erect like a meat switch-blade, much to Angels kittenish purrs and sounds of pleasure. She takes his rod in her hand and wipes it on one areola, spits on it and starts her expert blow job. Angel gets on her back so he can drive his spit-slathered skin bus between her deep-cleavage mountains. Heading south, he spreads her pussy lips so he can tongue-tickle her candy box. That drives her crazy and prepares her fleshy tunnel for penetration. Angel is so hot the devils mistress would be jealous. Mr. Groom fucks Angels freshly wet slit and then puts her on top of him in a reverse cowgirl. She lowers herself, and his cock slides deeply into her asshole. He may change his mind about marriage after doing the push-push in Angels ass and dropping his load inside Angels lovely butt-pipe.

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