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Luke Longly, Cory Chase, Amiee Cambridge, Melanie Hicks, Johnny Love - Amiee Cambridge Melanie Hicks and Cory Chase Milf Mansion Vol 3 (Parts 4)
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Step Family Orgy- 'I wonder who Johnny Love will pick,' Cory Chase says to Amiee Cambridge and Melanie Hicks. The three MILF's are sitting next to each other on the king size bed. Cory is wearing an orange-pink colored bra and panty set, Melanie is wearing yellow, and Amiee is wearing gray. Luke Longly is standing beside the MILF's, and he calls Johnny into the bedroom. Johnny is dressed well today, in some slacks and a baby blue dress shirt. He sits down in between Cory and Amiee, and he is still unsure about which MILF he wants to choose! Luke tells Johnny to lie down and to let the MILF's remind him of their talents. Melanie and Amiee pull off their bras first, and Cory takes off her bra next. Cory starts to stroke Johnny's cock with her hand, while she licks his ear. Johnny looks around at all three of the MILF's and then he exclaims 'I choose Cory!' He leans in to make out with Cory, and then Luke admits he has a confession... This whole thing was a joke! Cory, Amiee and Melanie just wanted an excuse to fuck Johnny, and the money isn't dependent on this situation! Johnny is shocked, but he's also thrilled to know that the MILF's all really like him! The MILF's want to fuck Johnny all together this time, and that's exactly what they do...!They pull his clothing off of his body, and then Cory leans down to give Johnny a blowjob. Luke wants to join in this time, so he gets behind Amiee and he starts to fuck her from behind. Then, Luke lies down on the bed next to Johnny, and Amiee starts to suck Luke's cock. A few moments later, Luke goes back to fucking Amiee from behind. Johnny starts to fuck Melanie in the doggystyle position next to them. Cory is kneeling behind Johnny, rubbing his shoulders. Cory sits on Amiee's face while Amiee is in the missionary position getting fucked by Luke. Luke moves over to Melanie and he starts to fuck Melanie's pussy from behind. At the same time, Cory is sucking Johnny's cock, while Amiee is making out with Johnny. Cory and Melanie lie down in the missionary position and Johnny gets on top of Cory while Luke gets on top of Melanie. Amiee gets behind Johnny and she has her hands on his ass while he is thrusting himself into Cory. Johnny fucks Amiee in the doggystyle position next, while Luke is fucking Melanie. Cory and Melanie are in the 69 position, while Luke is fucking Melanie and Johnny is fucking Cory. Melanie licks Luke's cock clean, and then Luke fucks Cory's pussy in the doggystyle position next. Johnny is fucking Amiee harder and faster with every thrust. Johnny jerks his cock off into Cory's mouth, while Luke is still fucking Melanie. Johnny goes back to fucking Amiee, while Luke goes to fuck Cory. When Luke is ready to cum, he jerks his cock off into Cory's mouth and all over her face. Then the MILF's jump up and run off to grab a shower!

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Sexy heavenly chested wife Octavia Red was hoping for the Hotel Experience on her night rendezvous with her BBC lover Jamie. Now Jamie, more than willing to make it up, still feels a bit hesitant about his first time cheating on his wife, but Octavia simmered him down saying they are just having a little fun and quickly gets Jamie on her huge natural tits. Octavia now gets his big cock rock hard and inside her tight pussy, which was just too tight for Jamie as he came right away! But still hard and throbbing, Jamie fucks her off the bed this time and unloads his second coming deep inside her cum hungry pussy! Which more than made up for the crummy motel. - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

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After spending the afternoon sucking each other’s clits ( this you find in yesterday 2021 dec 31 scene ) Alyssa and Polly put their costumes on and gear up for the night’s party. Once Shalina Devine and the guys arrive at the house for the 1020's party, it doesn’t take long for legs to opened and cocks to be pulled out. Kristof, Erik, and David then take turns DP’ing the three sluts before blowing their loads.

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Carlos is up to something. He's fiddling with Sashaa Juggs' scale so she thinks she's lost weight. But she really hasn't. Carlos is happy with the way Sashaa's body is and wants her to stay that way because he enjoys fucking this plump and juicy morsel. Once Carlos' sneaky mission does the trick and Sashaa is happy, he's all over her like a wild man, squeezing her massive mams, rubbing her chubby cheeks and bending her over the bed. He pulls his boner out of his pants and sticks it inside her pussy, fucking her hard from behind without bothering to take off his clothes. Turning her around, he forcefully fucks Sashaa's mouth and titanic tits. She gets on her back and puts her legs in the air, waiting for his flight to arrive. Carlos dives into her pussy and drills away. "Oh shit!" cries Sashaa when his dick begins pumping her. It's a miracle the bed sheets didn't burst into flames." Her pussy clamped on my cock like a vise," Carlos said later on.

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