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Micky Bells - Miracle of the Bells
Released: January 31st, 2023

If Micky Bells's pants were any tighter, she would need a lube gun to get out of them. Forget about the lush, scenic vistas of the Caribbean. Seeing pretty Micky walk in those heels is one of the world's greatest sights. "Even when I do not dress sexy like this, I draw a lot of attention," says Micky. "I like to walk for exercise," says the great bust-star who lists gaming as one of her hobbies. "I want to try bungee jumping one day." The video is slightly different than the matching pictures. In this video, Micky is wearing only blue booty shorts at first. She dresses in the tight pants and bustier, then undresses. Does 36K-cupper Micky have any talents or skills she considers special? "None I can think of," Micky says modestly. "Maybe that I can suck my boobs without hands." That's definitely counted as a skill at XLGirls. "When I feel horny, I just start masturbating. Who doesn't?" The funniest pick-up lines she's heard so far are "Do you have a twin sister?" and "Is your Mom available?" Micky did not say if she gave those guys her phone number but chances are she didn't.

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Wendy Leigh - A big-titted granny from the UK fucks herself
Released: January 31st, 2023

Here's Wendy Leigh, who's making her debut after fucking at in 2020. Wendy was unusual in that she just sucked and fucked; she didn't do a solo scene, so this is the first chance we're getting to see this 60-year-old grandma showing off her big tits and fucking her pussy with a toy all by herself. The view is excellent. Wendy is a divorcee from Leicester, England, who wears short skirts, tight jeans and low-cut tops when she goes out. And she loves being watched while having sex. "I'm not shy," she said. What's the best part about being a hot, sexy MILF? "Demanding lots of attention." Sex on a first date? "Definitely. Why not?" Her biggest physical asset? "My boobs." What a man should do if he wants to meet her? "Be nice to me." It'll pay off.

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Bella Blu, Donny Sins - Blacksonblondes: Bella Blu
Released: 01/31/2023

Bella is really liking this fellow she has been dating. But this is already the second date and she has yet to see his cock. What's up with that? She let's Donny know in no uncertain terms she expects some action today. So while he is showing off his kitchen prowess and whipping up a fruit salad she decides to suck on a banana in front of him and demand to see his banana. Donny is never shy about pulling out the trouser snake he has coiled and lurking behind that zipper and is quick to unleash the beast. Now this is more than Bella expected and immediately sends bolts of lighting straight to her tweenie and zapping deep into her pussy. Bella puts on some whipped cream to really spice up the afternoon rompfest and gets to sucking. Damn that cock is big. Big and filling. Bella needs it buried deep and we are talking cervix deep in her sausage hider. Donny licks her good and goopy wet before he slides in his man o war and gets to pounding Bella good on the kitchen island. Soon they take it to the couch where he really gets down and dirty on her filthy little cunt. That pussy wanted and needed this BBC so fucking bad it's literally yelling, "Feed me, feed me". And so he does. He feeds her that massive beef steak dong of his all over the place. Now this is what a second date is supposed to be about. Getting your twat wrecked and your face crusted with seed. Indeed!!

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April Olsen, Ramon Nomar - Wedding Night is Sex Night
Released: February 1, 2023

April Olson looks extra pretty because she got married today! Her husband carries her across the threshold in such a romantic fashion, and they’re both excited! The wedding night means getting laid, but as soon as they walk into the room they find Ramon Nomar waiting with a hard cock in hand. April has to break the news to her husband Ryan that there is only sex for her tonight, with Ramon. Definitely not him. Not now, and not ever. That’s not why she married him!

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Willow Ryder - Curly Haired Hottie Willow Ryder Fucks All Her Dildos LIVE
Released: February 1, 2023

Willow Ryder may look sweet and innocent but this girl loves fucking and loves masturbating. Let Willow show you her naughty side stripping out of her little thong panties to reveal a cute little bush and one wet pussy that needs to cum! Willow uses her dildos showing you how creamy they are the deeper they go. Her pussy is taking all her toys and she will be cumming multiple times while she listens to your hot requests! Archive from 1-17-2023 5pm LIVE show!

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Hot Ass Hollywood, Juan Loco - Busty blonde cougar Hot Ass Hollywood invites delivery guy in for a drink and some pussy

Juan is delivering a package to Hot Ass Hollywood and Hollywood notices how could it is outside so she invites him in for a drink. Juan accepts but he seems nervous, so Hollywood asks if it's cause of the reputation she has earned amongst the delivery guys in her area. Juan nods as he has heard that Hollywood is a hot cougar who likes to keep her delivery guys happy. Well, the rumors he has heard are true and Hollywood takes Juan's cock out of his pants and starts going to work on it.

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Jassy Classy - Blue Eyed Beauty
Released: Feb 1, 2023

Jassy Classy is a milf with a do me attitude that's going to make you want to get your hands all over her tight body. From her cute little titties to her big ass to her meaty bare twat, she's got it all. Let her take you on a guided tour of her lovely figure.

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Elise Moon - Bold Brunette
Released: Feb 1, 2023

Perky breasts and a hot little do me smile are just the way Elise Moon loves to present herself in the hope that she'll be able to find someone to come home and make her feel good. Even when she's on her own, this hottie is happy to feel herself up from boobs to bottom and everything in between.

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Renato, Sharon White - February 2023 Fantasy Of The Month - S4:E3
Released: Feb 1, 2023

Sharon White is the Nubile Films February 2023 Flavor of the Month, and we couldn't have picked a hotter lady. Laying in bed dressed for seduction, she waits for Renato to join her. When Renato shows up in the doorway with a red rose, Sharon can't contain her smile of satisfaction. Drawing Sharon in for a kiss, Renato samples her lips and then moves on down to her neck. His hands busy themselves cupping Sharon's breasts and kneading those soft globes. Relieving Sharon of her bra, Renato gives the tits a squeeze and then slides his hand lower to cup the heat of Sharon's pussy beneath her thong. Using that hand to guide Sharon into a prone position, Renato comes around her body. He kneels between her thighs and then slides her thong aside to access the heart of her pleasure. Flicking his tongue out, Renato goes to work lapping at Sharon's clit and driving his tongue into her twat. His fingers join in on the fun, leaving Sharon with her eyes closed and her head back as she moans. Sharon could let Renato eat her out all day, but she has other plans on her agenda. Getting to her knees, Sharon kneels before her boyfriend and takes his cock in hand. Drawing it close, she opens wide for a languorous blowjob. She sucks Renato down to her heart's content and then lays him on the bed to take even more pleasure. Straddling Renato's hips puts Sharon's twat in just the right spot for carnal bliss. She slides down in reverse cowgirl, letting Renato palm that ass as she rides him. Then she turns around so Renato can watch her landing strip snatch eat his dick as she gives it to him in cowgirl. Rolling onto her back with Renato between her thighs, Sharon welcomes his kisses and then his fuck stick. Pinned in the hottest way possible, Sharon splays herself wide open for Renato to really give it to her. She winds up on her side with Renato spooned behind her, rubbing her clit as he fucks her deeper. They finish with Sharon on her hands and knees taking Renato in doggy. He makes sure that Sharon cums one last time. Then he pulls out, using his hand to finish his own pleasure all over Sharon's bottom.

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Aria Valencia - February 2023 Flavor Of The Month Aria Valencia - S3:E7
Released: Feb 1, 2023

Codey Steele is so into the big game, and his stepsister Aria Valencia is just over it. She tries to get his attention with food, but Codey doesn’t take his eyes off the TV. Then she tries to engage Codey in conversation, but he tells Aria not to talk during the game. Things get even more awkward when the doorbell rings to indicate their food has arrived. Aria stands to get the door, flashing that she's not wearing any panties beneath her miniskirt. When Aria returns with their burgers, Codey continues to ignore her. She doubles down, chatting about a hot burger commercial and then intentionally dripping ketchup all over her petite figure. She gets increasingly sexual as Codey stares. She asks if he can help her clean up. Then her questions get more sexual, inquiring whether Codey has thought about eating her pussy, whether it would be hot and meaty like a burger. Codey can't hide his erection, and Aria notices. He doesn't fight her when she takes that man meat out to stroke and suck. Codey doesn't stop Aria from climbing onto his hardon and riding him in reverse cowgirl. His hands cup those little titties and thumb her hard nipples as she goes to town. When Aria gets on her knees, Codey is happy to shove it in and give his stepsister a doggy style pussy pounding. Aria rolls onto her back and spreads herself wide open for Codey to have his wicked way with her. Codey plays stud until his stepsis is moaning and then pulls out to nut all over her trimmed muff.

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Aria Banks, Hazel Heart, Penelope Kay, Kenzie Love - Hottest Swaps Compilation
Released: Feb 1, 2023

Enjoy this compilation of the hottest swap scenes with hotties like Aria Banks, Hazel Heart, Kenzie Love, Penelope Kay, and more. You are guaranteed to cum with any of these bizarre but pleasurable scenarios!

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Harley Haze, Scotty P - Husband Gets His Harley Revved Up For BBC
Released: 02/01/2023

Sexy Latina wife Harley is on the phone with her husband as he gets her supercharged for the hired special big black cock Scotty, who is on his way to take her for a bbc ride! Scotty takes a minute to enjoy watching her spread her pussy wide and lets her continue playing with her toy as he strokes his cock rock hard. Cock starved Harley starts with his balls and licks up to swallow his big cock, quickly getting Scotty to fuck her pretty face balls deep. Harley's pussy is so revved up that every trust with his black meat sends her into orgasm as she continues to suck off her sweet pussy juices from his cock until he explodes his own juices all over her satisfied face.

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Rachael Cavalli, Penelope Kay, Caitlin Bell, Melissa Stratton, Shay Sights, Mackenzie Mace, Leana Lovings, Braylin Bailey - Her First Milf 30 Scene 3

Her First Milf 30 Scene 3

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Violet Gems, Victor Ray, Michael Dangalow, Cory Marco, Soi Steel - I Ain't No Fuckin' Dishwasher
Released: February 1, 2023

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Martin Gun, Ariana Van X - Latina Tries Czech Sausage

The other day, I approached this hot brunette in a short, sexy dress waiting at the bus stop. Ariana Van X told me she was here in Prague on vacation, and after complimenting her nice curvy ass, I mentioned that I worked for a modelling agency and that I would give her money if she agreed to take part in a casting. Ariana accepted the offer, and the voluptuous babe shook her juicy, thong-clad booty for me! I was getting hard, so I gave her more cash in exchange for a sneaky blowjob. After finding a more secluded area, the horny slut asked to see my

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Johnny Love, Lolly Dames, Maxie Mellow - Let Me Show You Two...
Released: February 1, 2023

Horny blonde college student Maxie Mellow just wants to be alone with her boyfriend, Johnny Love, but just as things are getting hot and heavy, her stepmom, Lolly Dames, interrupts! Maxie can't wait for Lolly to leave and tries sucking Johnny's cock under a blanket, but the hot MILF catches her... and she's mostly angry about Maxie's lack of technique! She brings the teens to her bedroom for a very hands-on sex lesson, including teaching them how to eat ass, before she oversees them fucking for the first time. And of course, Lolly has to get some of that dick for herself, too!

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