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AllGirlMassage.com, FantasyMassage.com - Aiden Ashley, Kylie Rocket

Aiden Ashley, Kylie Rocket - Post Move Squeeze

Kylie Rocket is pleased when her regular client, Aiden Ashley, walks through the parlors doors. Aiden is so thankful that Kylie managed to squeeze her in for a massage appointment since she just moved and is aching all over. Now that shes here, Aidens sure that Kylie will make her feel right as rain in no time.

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WebYoung.com, GirlsWay.com - Coco Lovelock, Ava Sinclaire

Coco Lovelock, Ava Sinclaire - Slumber Party Secret

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GirlsWay.com - Jayden Cole, Jezabel Vessir

Jayden Cole, Jezabel Vessir - Thought Exercise

A couple, Summer Col and Jezabel Vessir, arrive for their latest session with their therapist, Jayden Cole. Its revealed that Summer is a bit on the prudish side, while Jezabel is left feeling sexually frustrated because of it. Although they love each other, theyre finding it hard to express it physically in a way that leaves them both satisfied.

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GirlfriendsFilms.com, BangBros.com - Charlotte Sins, Adira Allure

Charlotte Sins, Adira Allure - Please Make Me Lesbian 21 - Part 4

Adira Allure has written books about being a lesbian while not actually being one. So Charlotte Sins decides to show her what being a lesbian is all about. She straps on the dildo and fucks Adira’s ass in several different positions.

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SexyModernBull.com - Monica Santhiago Aka Monica Santiago

Monica Santhiago Aka Monica Santiago - Hotel Brazil

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WhenGirlsPlay.com, Twistys.com - Lulu Chu, Freya Parker

Lulu Chu, Freya Parker - Melting Point

Lulu Chu is so hot, she's about to melt when she walks into the ice cream shop and locks eyes with pretty brunette Freya Parker across the counter. After the babes share a heated look and Freya takes her order, Lulu beckons her over to her table and offers her a taste... and not just of her cone. Freya eagerly undresses the beautiful customer and laps at her pussy on the table. Then it's Lulu's turn to lick Freya from behind. Freya turns Lulu into an even tastier treat as she squirts whipped cream over her body, and they melt into one another as they trib.

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BigTitCreamPie.com, BangBros.com - Yorgelis Carrillo

Yorgelis Carrillo - A Good Fuck To Pay Rent

Yorgellis hasn’t paid rent in over 6 months. The landlord comes in to collect. Yorgelis tells him she doesn’t have the money and that her husband is currently at a job interview. The landlord is not having any of it. He wants the money now! She comes up with a better idea to pay up. She will suck his dick to give them more time to pay up. From there, the landlord fucks her doggystyle in the kitchen and then takes her to the bedroom and fucks her in all ways possible. Leading to him leaving his cum deep inside her pussy.

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GirlfriendsFilms.com, BangBros.com - Dixie Lynn, Alex Coal, Laney Grey, Celestina Blooms

Dixie Lynn, Alex Coal, Laney Grey, Celestina Blooms - Secret Lesbian Diaries 10 - Part 1

Alex Coal is upset with Celestina Blooms. Celestina reads her diary and empathetically goes to her bedroom to make up with her. They make out, and then suck and lick each others pussy until the two of them orgasm.

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GirlfriendsFilms.com, BangBros.com - Dixie Lynn, Laney Grey

Dixie Lynn, Laney Grey - Secret Lesbian Diaries 10 - Part 2

Dixie Lynn and Laney Grey get super horny on the couch and help each other to their soaking wet pussies. The scissor and eat each other out until they cum together.

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GirlsOnlyPorn.com, Nubilefilms.com - Amira Adara, Rebecca Volpetti

Amira Adara, Rebecca Volpetti - Room Service - S8:E1
Released: Jan 30, 2023

Rebecca Volpetti has told her beau that she's away on business, but it's a lie. Decked out in a bra and thong with sexy high heels, she talks to her boyfriend on the phone while waiting for Amira Adara to arrive. When Amira knocks, Rebecca quickly makes excuses to get off the phone. Shrugging out of her trench coat to unveil her bra and thong, Amira joins Rebecca in bed. The girls come together with a deep kiss. Then, easing Rebecca out of her bra, Amira works her way down Rebecca's belly on sweet kisses. She winds up between Rebecca's thighs, licking and nibbling at those delectable folds as Rebecca toss her head back and forth between moans. Finishing Rebecca off with a pussy fingering, Amira completes the Pleasure is a two-way street, and Rebecca is happy to deliver as well as receive. She swaps spots with Amira and goes to work with fingers and mouth. She finds Amira nice and wet, an eager playmate. Getting Amira onto her hands and knees, Rebecca pumps her lover's pussy full of her fingers. That's not all these two have in store for each other. Tugging Rebecca into her arms, Amira grabs a vibrator and presses it to Rebecca's clit. The moment Rebecca's hips stop twitching, she gives Amira the same treatment so that they can each enjoy a vibrator-fueled climax. One last round of pleasure awaits these two voracious Euro babes. Rebecca lays down and pulls Amira on top of her so that Amira's snatch is in perfect pussy eating position. Leaning forward, Amira completes the lesbian 69 as they lick and stroke each other to completion. Cuddling together, they revel in their illicit girls-only liaison.

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HotAndMean.com, Brazzers.com - Bridgette B, Phoenix Marie, Coco Lovelock

Bridgette B, Phoenix Marie, Coco Lovelock - Two Babes Dominate Amateur Tease
Released: January 29, 2023

Gorgeous Bridgette B and Phoenix Marie are glammed up for a photoshoot. Their amazing curvy bodies and bedroom eyes make them perfect models! When Bridgette and Phoenix take a break from the hot lights, amateur intern Coco Lovelock comes to clean up. When horny Coco finds Phoenix's red, lacy panties on the couch, she decides to have some fun. Blonde Bridgette and Phoenix quickly catch the naughty intern and decide to teach her a lesson! The models partake in a steamy threesome, with Bridgette and Phoenix teaching Coco exactly how to fuck.

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Lesbea.com, SexyHub.com - Sereyna Gomez, Alba Lala

Sereyna Gomez, Alba Lala - Natural lesbians facesitting orgasm

Gorgeous lesbian couple Alba Lala and Sereyna Gomez stare longingly at each other from across the room while sensually touching their hot, lingerie-clad bodies. French beauty Alba spreads her slender legs and touches her tight, wet pussy, and Sereyna soon follows suit. Feeling aroused, the petite babe approaches Sereyna and kneels down in front of the sexy brunette, pleasuring her lips and clit, then Sereyna turns around and invites Alba to eat her out from behind in doggystyle. Following an intense fingering, inked-up Alba sits on the busty Czech’s face for a tongue fucking while continuing to play with Sereyna’s pussy. Once Alba and Sereyna have both reached orgasm, they end the steamy session with a soft, lingering kiss.

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CumSwappingSis.com, Nubiles-porn.com - Ivi Rein, Lovita Fate

Ivi Rein, Lovita Fate - Playing With My Stepbrother - S3:E5
Released: Jan 25, 2023

Ivi Rein and Lovita Fate are flirting in the kitchen. Ivi throws yogurt onto Lovita's face, and Lovita responds by capturing Ivi's lips in a kiss. Things are just heating up when Sam Bourne, Lovita's stepbrother, comes home from work. The girls pull apart, but Ivi can't help but notice how hot Sam is. She whispers into Lovita's ear that they should seduce him, and after a moment Lovita agrees. The girls run to get changed into lingerie bras and thongs that really highlight their curves. Just as Sam is relaxing from work, they pounce on him. He doesn't put up much resistance once Ivi leans in and starts kissing him. Sam's cock is nice and hard by the time Ivi pops it out of his jeans to deliver a hand job. Watching, Lovita masturbates as Ivi sucks Sam off and then loses the thong so she can mount Sam's hardon in cowgirl. Finally Lovita can't stand being left out anymore. She joins Ivi in licking Ivi's juices from Sam's shaft, then helps Ivi climb back atop Sam in reverse cowgirl. When it's finally Lovita's turn for a cowgirl ride, she muffles her moans in Ivi's pussy. Getting on her knees, Ivi feasts on Lovita's snatch as Sam drives into her from behind. Then Lovita gets on her knees with Sam doing her in doggy as Ivi lays beneath her and suckles her nipples. That creates a double stack for Sam to dip into as he enjoys both Lovita and Ivi in the most carnal of ways. On her back, Lovita moans as Sam gives her one last fuck before pulling out and delivering a mouthful of cum for Ivi to share with Lovita so the girls can play with their treat.

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SweetHeartVideo.com, MileHighMedia.com - Kira Noir, Bella Rolland, Kylie Rocket, April Olsen, Maya Woulfe, Rory Knox, Lumi Ray, Summer Vixen

Kira Noir, Bella Rolland, Kylie Rocket, April Olsen, Maya Woulfe, Rory Knox, Lumi Ray, Summer Vixen - The Art of Kissing 3 Scene 4

The Art of Kissing 3 Scene 4

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FamilySwap.xxx, Nubiles-porn.com - Lauren Phillips, Molly Little

Lauren Phillips, Molly Little - Undies Made For Two - S6:E6
Released: Jan 22, 2023

What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Codey Steele and Molly Little are arguing about whose turn it is to do the dishes. Charles Dera and Lauren Phillips try to deescalate, but the swap kids are pissed now. Molly complains about Codey leaving his cum stained boxers around and Codey bitches that Molly leaves her dildos in the dishwasher. Lauren tells them to get along or else. Later, the swap kids are arguing again when Lauren and Charles tell them that they have to wear underwear for two or they're going to be grounded for the rest of the swap. Molly peels off her clothes to the surprise of everyone, but Codey eventually does the same and gets into the underwear with her. Molly suggests they should just fuck and get it over with. Her hand on Codey's cock gets him to peak hardness, and the underwear makes it easy for Codey to pick his swap sister up and slide into her juicy snatch. Charles and Lauren are of course shocked to walk in on the swap sibs boning down, but it's kind of hot. Lauren coaxes Charles to join in. When Molly sees Lauren getting some on the couch, she sits Codey down and sucks his cock as Lauren rides Charles's dick in reverse cowgirl. The girls swap partners with Lauren smooshing her big boobs into Codey's face in cowgirl while Molly takes Charles for a spin in reverse cowgirl. Molly gets on her knees for Codey to fuck her in doggy while Lauren takes a pussy pounding on her back from Charles. When the girls swap partners and positions one last time, Charles blows his load in Molly's snatch while Codey gives Lauren a creampie of her own. The swap family knows they'll get along much better now.

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NubileFilms.com, Nubilefilms.com - Candee Licious, Rebecca Volpetti, Renato

Candee Licious, Rebecca Volpetti, Renato - Our Private Party - S43:E29
Released: Jan 21, 2023

Rebecca Volpetti and Candee LIcious are ready to give Renato a private party with just the three of them. Dolled out in lingerie, the girls cuddle close while touching and caressing one another. They get increasingly sexual as they look over their shoulders at Renato to make sure he's watching. Once they've had their fill of teasing, the girls make their way over to where Renato is sitting. They keep on winding him up, with Rebecca delivering a lap dance as Candee captures his lips. Bumping and grinding against Renato is fun, but the real goal for both girls is to get to that solid piece of man meat hiding in Renato's pants. Popping Renato's stiffie out, the girls take turns wrapping their hands around the shaft to stroke and suck. Rebecca goes first, while Candee makes out with their lover. Then Candee moves lower to blow Renato and suck his balls when Rebecca takes over once again. Candee is the first to get the D in her tight twat. She slides her thong aside and climbs aboard into Renato's lap. Sinking down slowly, she impales herself on the cock. Then Candee leans forward to lick at Rebecca's puss as Renatio drives up into her tight cooch. On her side, Rebecca takes Renato in a spooning position. Just like Candee did for her, Rebecca is quick to find her girlfriend's snatch for a good pussy licking. Candee and Rebecca tag out with Candee enjoying Renato fucking her in doggy while she licks the taste of both lovers from Rebecca's snatch. When Rebecca gets another go with Renato's hardon, it's on her back with Candee riding her face. The position leaves Rebecca moaning long and loud right into Candee's pussy. Pulling out, Renato licks the orgasm right out of Rebecca as he rubs her clit with his tongue. Then he kneels as Candee licks him clean. The girls aren't finished with Renato quite yet. The stroke and suck him to peak attention, and then Rebecca gets her own ride in reverse cowgirl. Candee is right there to double down on Rebecca's pleasure, rubbing and licking her girlfriend's clit. Rebecca keeps it up until she milks the cum right out of Renato. Dripping with a creampie, she lets Candee lap the treat from her pussy and snowball it with her in a deep kiss.

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