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Cassie Del Isla, Lucky Fate - French brunette babe Cassie Del Isla fucks stranger to help him get back on cheating wife
Released: Dec 5, 2022

Cassie Del Isla is having a little breakfast when a random dude sits at her table. Turns out the random dude is there to spy on his wife, who happens to be there with another man. Cassie can't help but feel bad for this dude so she offers to help him get back at his cheating wife by fucking him. This dude's no idiot so he takes her up on the offer, takes her home, and fucks her on the bed he shares with his slut wife.

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Theodora Day, Will Pounder - Theodora The One
Released: Dec 5, 2022

When Will is asked to try out Team Skeet’s newest Fembot model, the Theodora 6.0, which comes with the ability to experience real human emotions, he wastes no time in accepting. A few days later he finally receives the Fembot and turns her on, curious to see if they can start bonding. After talking and dating for a while, he confesses that he’s fallen in love with Theodora, and luckily she loves him too! Next thing he knows, Will is testing Theodora’s sex mode and fucking her tight pussy!

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Mona Azar, Bunny Madison, Diego Perez, Elias Cash - Don’t Worry – Just Swap!
Released: Dec 5, 2022

Bunny and Mona are always concerned about the well-being of their beloved stepsons, Diego and Ellias. The two busty stepmoms can’t bear the thought of the boys getting sick or getting hurt if they were to leave the house. But all Diego and Ellias want to do is fuck hot girls, so they hatch a scheme to sneak out of the house. Their plan is foiled when Bunny catches them in the act. Now, Bunny and Mona will need to think of a way to keep the young studs content with staying home. Luckily they’ve got just the right idea. Ellias will fuck Bunny, and Diego will fuck Mona. The stepsons can’t believe their luck as they slide their cocks deep inside each other’s stepmoms. These milfs love every second of it, and even though they know it’s wrong, it just feels so right. So right, in fact, that they decide to spice things up and swap.

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Chloe Lamour, Miss Olivia, Angelo Godshack - Stud Slams Busty Sluts Chloe and Miss Olivia at the Gym GP2516
Released: 2022-12-04

It’s Wednesday afternoon and Chloé and Miss Olivia have met for their weekly workout session at the gym. However, after only a few minutes of actually working out, they decide to workout in another way: by pleasuring each other. Minutes later, as they’re pleasuring one another, they’re interupted by a stud who came to pump iron. Instead of doing that, though, he pumps his cock in and out of each slut until he blows his load in their mouths.

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Jc Wilds - JC Wilds Flashes Pussy In Public Before Titty Fucking In Hotel Room
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JC Wilds is a cute teen with some pretty big tits. She might look shy but we found out that taking her out to a restaurant, she wanted us to get a shot of her pussy in public! Getting back to the hotel, she opened up and wanted to titty-fuck before swallowing a cock and getting a facial at the end.

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Martin Gun, Alisa Horakova - Student with Appetite for Cock
Released: 2022 Dec. 05

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Lady Gang, Fanny Blue - Party Animal Guys Special Deal
Released: 2022 Dec. 03

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Abigaiil Morris, Sammy Torres - Oily, Wet and Wild
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As redhead Abigaiil Morris is having some naughty fun in the sun shaking her big tits and ass by the pool, curvy brunette Sammy Torres says she's got a surprise for her! The babes oil each other up and Sammy sucks Abigaiil's huge boobs before pulling out the surprise: a double-ended dildo! These hotties just have to try tittyfucking it before they use it to fuck each other, and they head inside where they can really get wet and wild and even cum together.

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Pristine Edge, Juan Loco - Busy MILF Pranked By Sneaky Cock
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Juan Loco can't believe how hot his buddy's new MILF stepmom is! While Pristine Edge is getting heated looking for her keys, Juan finds them and puts the key ring around his big dick. Pristine calls the Lil Humper's bluff and sucks his cock while her stepson watches. After hiding from her husband and getting dicked down under the kitchen counter, Pristine takes Juan to the bedroom to sneakily use that cock till she's satisfied.

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Lucy Doll, Penelope Kay, Damion Dayski - Sneaky Butt Flap Tent Fucking
Released: 2022 Dec. 05

Penelope Kay and Lucy Doll have set up a tent in the living room for some sexy lesbian sleepover action, and horny roommate Damion Dayski is intrigued. When Penelope catches Damion spying on them, she makes it clear that she wants to fuck him, but first Penelope needs to do a bit of scissoring with Lucy inside the tent. After Penelope orgasms, she just wants to go to bed, annoying Lucy, who storms out of the tent. Seeing his opening, Damion sneaks inside and cozies up next to Penelope with his hard dick at the ready. When Penelope grinds into Damions cock, she likes what she feels, leading to her opening her butt flap pajamas for some easy-access fucking. Once caught by Lucy, her initial shock and outrage softens when she sees Damions massive, hard cock. It turns out Damion has more than enough dick for a satisfying threesome.

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Lucas Frost, Fit Kitty - Come In Cum Out
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A bikini-clad Fit Kitty is ready for cock! Before enjoying herself with Lucas Frost, she oils herself down and feels up her rock-hard body. She then sucks Lucas off, letting him fuck her face and her tits, before eating her out and making her moan. Just when she thinks it cant get any better, Lucas fucks her tight pussy and cums all over her tits!

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Lottie Magne, Tommy Gold - Embrace

Cute redhead Lottie Magne is in the tender "Embrace" of Tommy Gold. As Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie begins, the lovers kiss passionately, hands exploring. Tommy caresses Lottie’s perky breasts while she grinds in his lap, guiding his stiff cock into her tight pussy. The sticky sounds of arousal and squeaking bedsprings mingle with Lottie’s moans as she rides with abandon, bouncing breathlessly. Tommy rolls them over and drives into her in missionary, fucking her with vigorous strokes, then licks her pussy until she quivers through an intense orgasm. He penetrates her again, switching to spoons and rubbing her clit to give her peak after peak of pleasure. Lottie is delirious with ecstasy as Tommy slams into her in doggy, making her climax one more time as he cums deep inside her. Hide

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Stephanie Love, Brad Sterling - House Inspection
Released: Dec 4, 2022

House inspector Brad meets with realtor Stephanie to go over the latest listing. As Brad goes around the kitchen trying to do his job Stephanie starts showing off her attributes effectively distracting Brad. Finally she locks herself alone in a bedroom with him and makes an offer that he cannot refuse.

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Suttin, Brad Sterling, FlatJack - Hire Orientation
Released: Dec 4, 2022

Suttin is interviewing a new potential hire FlatJack while her assistant Brad is there to support her in the process. FlatJack quickly learns this is a freeuse company, with Brad feeling up Suttin’s breasts and her jerking him off while she proceeds to explain all the benefits to their new hire!

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Brynn Michaels, Ike Diezel - Delivery To Porn
Released: Dec 4, 2022

When Ike orders a pizza he’s met with delivery girl Brynn, whose outfit is very revealing. Ike tells Brynn that he’s a porn director and invites her to shoot a scene. She’s never done that before but she’s curious and the next thing she knows she is on her knees, sucking Ike’s cock!

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Dominique Palermo - 10-11-2022

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