- Cici Rhodes

Cici Rhodes - Assylum

In a dark corner of the room, locked away for safety, Cici Rhodes waits, miserably. In a dark corner of her mind, locked away tightly, is what she is waiting for.

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Rain Degrey - Transit Coffin
Released: July 27, 2021

PD upgrades Rain DeGrey to a bed, while keeping her hooded and bound. After observing Rain for some time, he gets the urge to test her cock sucking abilities. Her skills leave something to be desired, so Rain is locked to a post, by the neck, with a metal dildo stuck down her throat. Once she proves herself as a true cock sucker, she is taken to her final resting place: a metal coffin. There, she will be transformed, from bottom to top.

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Brooke Johnson, Catherine De Sade - Posted Part One

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Brooke Johnson - Neophobia
Released: June 5, 2021

It’s an internet rumor that has spread like wild fire. A story more chilling than a crisp whispering wind. It is said, up at the farm there is a man who lurks in the dark. This man knows the secrets to unlocking the mind. Both a physical and mental process that dominates the material body and frees the spiritual mind. If the stories are true, one may caution themselves when biting off more than they can chew.

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Cici Rhodes - Shocking The Slut

When the first scene opens up on Cici Rhodes deep throating Cyd's cock you can tell that this is going to be hot. When he pulls out to start applying clamps to her nipples you can tell that this is going to be rough.

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