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Today we have the beautiful Paola Hard coming in to clean out our dirty house. We encounter her as soon as she opens the door and test her patience to know what she can deal with. Let's just say she is fired up! She has a spicy attitude that I think is hot as fuck. We get her to clean a room and dust a shelf until we ask her to remove some clothes. She was apprehensive at first but it was quick for her to get rid of the clothes once we juiced up the pay. The way she bends over the couch and fixes the shelf made me want to go into another room and bust a load. Shortly after we get her to the bedroom and our boy just couldn't help but to stroke his meat as a hot naked Paola is fixing up pillows. We couldn't help but to give her all our money for the chance to fuck and she was all in. Watch Paola get fucked silly and just listen to her moans and screams while you jack off. You won't regret it.

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Christy White - Heaven

Christy wanted a vacation with nature and nature alone. After a few days, she meets Alberto, another tourist who visited the beach she was staying at. They hit it off and Christy decides she might want to open up the vacation to another guest.

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Lexi Luna - June 2023 Fantasy Of The Month

Looking stunning as hell in a bikini, Lexi Luna stands in front of a camera making sure that it'll capture everything. She's about to do a try on haul for her summer bikinis when her boyfriend Quinton Jones walks in. He asks if he can watch, and Lexi cheerfully agrees.After the first bikini, Lexi teases Quinton with her body as she puts the next one on. The third bikini is upcoming, but Quinton can't resist the desire to lick those nipples and give her a reason to hurry up. Lexi puts her third outfit on and claims she's saved the best for last, but her quick sign off makes it clear that for Lexi the best is still yet to come.She turns around and struts right over to where Quinton is waiting for her on the bed. Pushing him backwards, she climbs on top of him and straddles his face. Quinton can't get enough of eating out that sweet, slippery pussy. Lexi loses the bikini as she lets Quinton have his feast.Since Quinton is already prone on his back, Lexi can easily slide down his body and go for the gold. He's hard as a rock for her, so she goes straight to work sucking the balls and slurping the stiffie. From there, it's so easy to adjust her hips so that she can ride Quinton's hardon as he suckles her breasts.Swapping spots so that she's on her back with Quinton standing above her, Lexi spreads her thighs to welcome him back inside. He gives it to her nice and deep, but the angle of penetration isn't quite what she's looking for. She gets on her knees and sighs in delight as Quinton gives her a doggy style pussy pounding.Falling to her side, Lexi cuddles up to Quinton. He spoons behind her, giving her full hands on action. When he shoves back inside, Lexi is there for him stroke for stroke. He keeps up their coupling until the last moment, when he pulls out and lets Lexi finish him off all over her fabulous titties.

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Scarlett Hampton - Spring Fever

Platinum blonde and ready to be plugged, Scarlett suits the stereotype and definitely has more fun. See her blonde ambition in action as she sets out to prove how much she can take.

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April Snow, Summer Hart - Youre In Good Hands

Diego Perez has a big problem. He has taken too many dick pills and he can't get his boner to go away! Although he tries to sneak past his stepmom Summer Hart, she tries to engage him in conversation. Summer can tell something is weird with Diego, so she eventually gets the story out of him. She tells him that she's sure she can help him, but she's going to need to call her friend whose husband also takes the same dick pills.April Snow comes right over when Summer calls her. She goes to Diego's room where he's waiting and tells him to relax, that she knows just what to do. Diego is hesitant, but April insists on seeing. She asks permission to touch it, which makes Diego feel better. When April asks if Diego thinks he can cum soon, he claims he doesn't know. April calls Summer in to help because she needs more hands.Although Summer hesitates, she's soon just as into the race to get Diego off as April is. The ladies use their hands, mouths, and boobies to work on him. When that isn't enough April rides the D. Then Summer gives it to Diego in reverse cowgirl. April gets on her knees so Diego can pound her pussy in doggy, but he still can't cum! Finally, when Summer gets on her back, Diego fucks that hairy snatch until he nuts all over her muff.

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Lilian Stone - Spying On Stepmom

Lilian is preparing a warm bath to relax, she has no clue that her stepson Anthony is just outside the door spying on her. She calls him out on it and tells him to join in and help her lather up. Anthony is reluctant to go in, it's his stepmom and he doesn't want to get in trouble. She lets him know that she is just his stepmom and that his dad won't find out. With little hesitation, he goes in and starts lathering his stepmom, only to fall into the bathtub with her. From there, he starts massaging her nice big boobs and gets his dick sucked. They later get out of the bathtub and head over to the bedroom where her stepson fucks her really hard from all positions. All ending with a huge load of cum in her face and mouth.

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Britt Blair, Khloe Kingsley - Do You Think Dad Will Like These Stepbro

Britt Blair doesn't know what to do for her new stepdad for Father's Day. Her BFF Khloe Kingsley suggests that guys like ties, so the girls settle in to search for one online. When Britt's stepbrother, Joshua Lewis, asks what the girls are doing, he points out that it's his dad not hers. The girls tease Joshua mercilessly, making it increasingly sexual until Joshua leaves.For Father's Day, the girls decide to gift ties. Setting them up over button down shirts that are open to show their titties and panties, they wait for Joshua and ask him to help them decide. Joshua does up both their ties, then claims he can't decide which he likes best. The girls let him know that's the right answer as they drop to their knees to blow him.Taking Joshua to the couch, Britt climbs on top of him and rides him in cowgirl while Khloe makes out with her. The girls tag out, with Khloe riding in reverse cowgirl and Britt masturbating as she watches. When Khloe gets on her knees for a doggy style pussy pounding, she leans in to eat Britt out so that it's a full fledged threesome. When it's Britt's turn to enjoy Joshua's fuck stick again, she lays on her back, thighs spread, until her stepbro pulls out to nut all over her stomach and hairy muff.

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Vanessa Sky - Rides Stepdads Big Rod

There's no saying "no" to lusty Latina stepdaughter Vanessa Sky. When stepfather Clarke Kent refuses to give her a ride to the mall, she teases him with a look at her pantiless pussy underneath her miniskirt and gets down on her knees to give him a phenomenal gagging blowjob that he just can't refuse. He then bends the naughty tattooed babe over the kitchen counter to bang her trimmed hole from behind, and she rides her daddy's big rod until a messy facial cumshot in this taboo Penthouse porn.

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Victoria Zdork - Mature Milf Victoria Zdork Anal Fucked By Her Mans Stepson

Torrid anal sex scene with busty MILF Victoria Zdrok getting stretched by Matt Bird's cock. Ends with a big cumshot on her juicy pussy, enjoy!

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Unknown - Breeding Time

Tiny white slave was fun size. She must have been 100 pounds. She took 2 BBC deep in her head and what a good little fuck toy she is. She even squeaks like a toy. Then 2 big black dicks let loose a stream in her mouth and this obedient edomite drank it all. Then she got dp'd and years of built-up anger was taken out on that rosey pink asshole. The BBC was buried balls deep in her white guts as she winced with each deep thrust.

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Tiffany Madison - God Wants You To Get Me Pregnant - God Wants You To Get Me Pregnant - S2:E5

Tiffany Madison is super hot. When Jayden Marcos tells his friend Jay Romero that his stepmom is really hot, Jay confesses that whenever Tiffany gets really excited she starts to take her clothes off. Jayden agrees to come back for Bible study later that day so he can see what Jay is talking about.

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Unknown - Waffle House Vibes

I guess she don't like getting slapped with a mushroom stamp because she started throwing hands at the Vaccinated Vandal. With the patience and temperament of the Buddah, he de escalated this waffle house haymaker by politely asking her to stop. She did, but she was a quiet cunt the rest of the night. Everything was done here after with that "I'm on break" face. True to form, the Face Fucking, DP, A2M and ass eating was epic. The best part was her letting the Vaccinated Vandal breed her after their little tussle. She silently lost it but her face told the story as his big fat fuckin white dick unleashed a giant white load in her pussy. It dripped out like grease off a piece of chicken fresh out the deep fryer. She was not pleased, but after 9 times here she was finally bred, and got 3 degrading loads to the head.

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Serena Salgot - Monster Bus

Serena Salgot was waiting for a ride when a white bus pulled up instead. The boys inside wanted to interview her for a tube channel. A couple of $100 bills convinced her to answer even intimate questions. The biggest dick she has ever seen was 8 inches and she truly believed bigger was not humanly possible. She never heard of monster cocks. They offered her even more money if she would get into the bus so they could film her reaction when Jovan Jordan shows her his dick. $1000 convinced her to do that. Jovan took down his pants and revealed his dick. It was giant. She was intrigued. Could she touch it? Could she suck it? Could she fuck it? She took that monster cock surprisingly well. They fucked in doggy, they fucked in mish, they spooned until Jovan shot his sperm into her face and after that they obviously kicked her off and drove away laughing.

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Vicky - That Bitch Cray

This bitch Vicky is crazy. She tapped out after the first slap and started going hysterical. It brought back memories of the bad man she said. She tried to tough it out, but outside of the anal she couldn't last more than a few minutes without tapping out. Even looking at her the wrong way sent her back...

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Serena Hill - If Brickzilla Was Your Stepfather

Serena Hill came to the pool and her step father Brickzilla was already there. She asked if he would mind if she takes her top off. She asked if he could rub some oil on her. She wondered if it would be ok to sunbath all naked. Hey if she could do it so could he. Brickzilla whipped his dick out stroked it to expand the area that could absorb the sun. Serena was a little shocked when she saw his dick was out but then immediately intrigued by its size. That was the biggest dick she has ever seen. Probably it was the biggest dick on this planet. It was so huge! Could she touch it? Could she take it in her mouth? Would it fit into her pussy? Only trying it out could bring all those answers. So she sucked it and she rode it and fucked it until Brickzilla came in her face.

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Willow Ryder - Figure Model Gets Dick

The figure model arrives at your house for the live painting session and she just so happens to be insanely hot. What are you going to do? Will you continue as usual? Or try and make a move on her? It’s entirely up to you. You control the story. If you play your cards right, the both of you can have a lot of fun. From fingering her to getting some mean head. You’ll even get the option to pick any position to be able to fuck her tight little pussy. But only if you make the right choices. Don’t fuck it up... Good luck!

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