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Karma RX - Karma Rx's Second Appearance

Karma has been cheating on her husband for years now. Constantly going out to meet men at hotels, motels, parking lots, offices, alleys, bar bathrooms, wherever. Anywhere she can get a cock crammed in her hungry slut box she goes. But dammit this woman is sick of it. Why the hell can't she just fuck in her house. So today when her husband is going off to work to make the money to keep her happy and hopefully staying with him he is shocked to discover the large black man at the door. Who is this man, he asks his wife. That's my lover, let him in, she says. Can you believe the nerve of Karma? She is going to have sex right in front of her husband. She is such a shameless hussy she doesn't even care. Is this where their marriage has sunk to? The horrors. Poor Mr. Jover is forced to watch and towel off the sweaty big bald black man who pummels his wifes' pink hole and stink hole. Oh the agony. The degradation. Why is he put through this hell. He works his ass off to give her everything in life. This house is costing him a mint. He has ulcers from paying the bills she rings up. Why wasn't he born gay so he could have a partner who had least had a job. No. Mr. Jover's lot in life is to be a cuck. So he sits there. Watching. Doing nothing. As another man pleasures himself on his wifes' wet dripping cunt, gaping ass and drooling mouth.

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Jackie Hoff (aka Jackie Huff) - Jackie H's First Gloryhole Video

Jackie has a big smile across her face today in the gloryhole, but that's not the only thing that's big on Jackie. She boasts an amazing pair of ALL-NATURAL 34Ds under that tight top she's wearing and they will soon make an appearance as she sucks off more dicks than she ever has before. Jackie estimates she has only blown about 40 guys in her life. She is about to pump her stats by 25% in the next 45 minutes as all those guys on the other side of the wall pump her face with their anonymous dicks and pump her throat with loads of stranger cum. Sucking dick is one of Jackie's favorite things to do with a guy and it shows! The booth turns into a slobbery mess as Jackie throats dick after dick and brings up more and more throat yogurt as evidence of her hard work on those hard cocks. 28-year-old Jackie is a nice Midwestern girl from Wisconsin who, when she's not sucking dick, enjoys watching videos online with her cat. She is in a monogamous relationship and her boyfriend knows she is here today, but it's safe to say their relationship is very open sexually. Jackie has a pass to fuck and suck whomever she wants. Isn't that sweet? In one of the most conservative estimates of blowjob skills in quite a while, modest Jackie only rates herself a seven or eight on the BJ ten scale. The slobber factor alone gets her at least that high without taking into account all her other oral skills. However, it's up to you, the subscribers to decide her true rating. Sound off in the comments where you'd place her on the spectrum. Tell us also if you'd like to see Jackie back on her knees again for a second round in the gloryhole. She's loves a cock down her throat and comes running quickly when we tell her there is an opening in the schedule (and an opening in the wall). Hopefully it won't be long before you see Jackie back here on!

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Honey - A black cock in a blonde ass

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Alice S - Playing With A Stethoscope

Alice's crystal blue eyes are captivating. Bright and expressive, it's easy to get lost in them, even when she's cheekily lifting her dress to expose her lacy thong panties. Sitting on the counter in her lingerie, she grins, while using her stethoscope to check how the excitement of taking off her clothes on camera has impacted her heart rate. Once she's undressed, she playfully stretches her underwear across her small breasts, and stands in the nude, to reveal her flawless shaved pussy. Alice relaxes on the floor to read, while wearing nothing but her scholarly glasses. In this gentle nude shoot, she uses her book, her bum bag and a plastic cupcake to remain demurely covered up, when she opens her legs. But she revels in the sensation of showing off everything else about her elegantly slender naked body. She lovingly squeezes and tugs her perky nipples, then puts on and takes off a sexy leopard-print swimsuit. Laying on her tummy, with her bare feet in the air, Alice rests her head on her hand and casts a friendly gaze into the camera, which will melt your heart. Скринлист | скриншо

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Lauren - Bonus: Lauren rubs one out

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Lucie - Let's blow this popsicle stand

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Kali Roses - Kali Roses-CuckoldSessions

Kali's Husband Bo really knows how to celebrate and for her 25th birthday he has something special in mind. She notices that he has decorated the house completely and especially the cake looks so good. But she can not figure out why there is only a 3 on top of the cake and not 25? Well that's the special surprise of course, it stands for 3 really big cocks to fuck his beautiful wife. Bo seems almost as happy as Kali is when he is filming his wife taking those huge cocks. And of course no Happy Birthday is complete without three big blasts to the face.

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Debby - Send me home pregnant

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Sky Pierce - Hot Birder

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Sky Pierce - Hot Birder

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Anna de Ville, Brittany Bardot - XfreaX, Anna de Ville, Brittany Bardot, Anal Fisting, ATOGM, Big Gapes

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Kenzie Anne - Kenzie Anne Lets Her Juicy Pussy Get Destroyed

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Leana Lovings - Leana Lovings Wants Her Medicine From Stepdaddy

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Vanna Bardot - Tight Muscles

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Vanna Bardot - Tight Muscles

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Leda Lotharia - Ravenous

A sexy walker and a dirty talker, Leda has a cute face and a curvy figure. This sassy lassie’s ass is already wrapped around a plug, but Leda would like to know if you want to feel her pert backside gripping on your shaft. Any takers?

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