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JMac, Andie Anderson - She Needs a Ride... on That Dick
Released: December 19, 2022

Jmac knows there are lots hot MILFs at the gym, but he doesn't even get that far when he spots his sexy, blonde neighbor Andi Anderson sitting in the park. The babe is in the middle of a divorce and eager for a distraction, so she eagerly hops in Jmac's car... and when she learns he's a pornstar, she jumps on that dick for another kind of ride! Jmac gets to fuck those big titties before they fuck on the hood, and his buddy gets it all on video!

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Callie Black, Mandy Rhea - What Gets Wet As It Dries
Released: December 19, 2022

Strawberry blonde teen Callie Black can't believe it's real when her friend sends her a video of humping the dryer, but after her stepmom, Mandy Rhea, leaves, she just has to try it for herself. When the MILF unexpectedly returns, she catches Callie with her tits out, playing with herself as she rides the appliance, but the embarrassed teen is shocked when Mandy joins in. The stepmom's got more tricks up her sleeve, and she introduces Callie to how good it feels to get her ass filled up with a toy... and how wet she can get!

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Jamie Knoxx, JC Wilds, Deja Marie - A Visit from Juicy Coochie
Released: December 20, 2022

Jamie Knoxx is getting a little action started on the couch with his girlfriend, Deja Marie, when suddenly there's a knock on the door. Deja remembers her college bestie JC Wilds--better known to their party girl circle as Juicy Coochie--is bringing her BF for a visit today, but JC walks in alone because her guy bailed, yet again. Jamie knows JC is gonna be DTF, and the next morning he walks in on his girl licking her bestie's pussy and eagerly joins in for a hot threesome. They take it to the bedroom, where he gets to fuck that juicy coochie while JC licks Deja.

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James Angel, Bess Breast, Leana Lovings, Bianca Bangs - Roommates Want A Sneaky Fuck
Released: December 21, 2022

James Angel is tending to his afternoon wood when Bianca Bangs comes in to get him out of bed and spots the tent under the blanket! As Bianca is sucking James's cock, his redheaded roommate Bess Breast walks in and beckons him to follow, then creeps downstairs to join petite, horny Leana Lovings, who's playing with her pussy on the couch! James abandons his blowjob to sneak downstairs just in time to see the babes scissoring, then sneaks up to fuck Bess doggystyle, and of course, Leana can't get left out!

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Scott Nails, Delilah Day - Dancing With Myself
Released: December 22, 2022

Scott Nails wasn't trying to spy on his 18-year-old babysitter, but when he gets home to find red-haired Delilah Day taking lewds on his bed in her polka-dot panties, how could he look away? Delilah was already horny taking pictures for her BF, so she wants a taste of the silver fox's big dick. The teen sucks it and sits on it, and Scott picks up the spinner and fucks her every which way before cumming on her face!

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Van Wylde, August Skye - I Wanna Know How It Feels
Released: December 23, 2022

When you're as beautiful--and bootyful--as pretty and personable August Skye, it's hard to believe that any of your sexual fantasies might have gone unsatisfied, but there's one thing this babe still hasn't managed to fulfill... until today. Van Wylde is standing by to give August a taste of what she's always wanted: a creampie! August wants to get straight down to business, but Van makes sure to enjoy her big tits and pretty pussy before giving August his load deep inside her!

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LaSirena69, Angel Youngs, Lucky Fate - A Very Cummy Christmas Eve
Released: December 24, 2022

Hot roommates Angel Youngs and LaSirena69 are trimming the tree and wrapping a few last-minute gifts when LaSirena decides to pop her big tits out of her holiday PJs and flash Angel's boyfriend, Lucky Fate, behind the blonde's back. The horny roommate follows him to the bathroom and rides his cock, then takes him back to her bed, where Angel catches them. She gives LaSirena her present early: a big double-ended dildo! Angel joins in for the best Christmas Eve gift of all, a threesome and lots of cum.

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Arabelle Raphael, Valerica Steele, Damion Dayski - The Most Cumderful Time Of The Year
Released: December 25, 2022

Busty stepmom Arabelle Raphael is just trying to make things nice for the holidays, but her stepdaughter Valerica Steele refuses to help bake and storms off to her room! The college student's boyfriend, Damion Dayski, eagerly agrees to taste the batter, then watches, astounded, as Arabelle takes off her dress and pours milk all over her huge tits! Valerica comes out to catch them, and before she knows it, she's on her knees sucking Damion's cock as the MILF licks his ass. Valerica suddenly gets into the holiday spirit when it cums to sharing her BF. Arabelle has a strap-on surprise for the teen, and Valerica has a present of squirt for her stepmom!

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Ryan Reid, Jazlyn Ray - Meditation and Temptation
Released: December 26, 2022

Blonde college student Jazlyn Ray is trying to record a live stream about meditation and breathwork for her fans, but her naughty brunette roommate Ryan Reid keeps walking into frame in a towel! Ryan takes advantage of Jazlyn's closed eyes as she meditates to flash her tits and ass for the camera, and when Jazlyn realizes how much her bestie's nudity is growing her viewer count, she decides to join in for naked naughty lesbian fun. Ryan's got a special treat for both Jazlyn and the fans: sex toys!

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JMac, Willow Ryder - Ballin' For Pussy
Released: December 26, 2022

Jmac's basketball skills are a bit rusty, and his buddy has plenty of opportunities for some trash talk until sexy neighbor Willow Ryder comes to see what they're up to. Willow suggests she'll motivate Jmac by flashing her tits if he makes the next shot, and she keeps raising the stakes until she's swallowing his dick after a successful dunk! Jmac's got the moves on and off the court as he lifts Willow for an upside-down bj and his balls slap against her clit as he pounds her pussy!

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Air Thugger, Samantha Lexi - Freeuse Roommate
Released: December 27, 2022

Samantha Lexi is a certified nympho, and even though she doesn't have a boyfriend, she's still found a way to get all the sex she needs: a free-use agreement with her roommate, Air Thugger, who luckily is up to the challenge. Samantha and Air tell you all about how their unconventional arrangement works: either of them can initiate sex at any time, whether Samantha sucks Air's cock in the kitchen or Air joins her in the shower to bang her against the glass. He even fucks her feet while she's on the phone! Check out how these horny roommates do it morning, noon, and night!

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JMac, Alexa Payne - Take My Package
Released: December 28, 2022

Jmac catches his buddy peeking at hot, black-haired MILF Alexa Payne as she hangs out her laundry, but after chewing him out for being a perv, Jmac proves he's even worse! He cooks up an outlandish scheme to pretend to steal Alexa's package so he can be a hero and return it, and soon Alexa's giving him a hero's welcome to motorboat her big tits and booty. Jmac rips open her shorts and pounds her doggystyle, and this horny MILF shows him her appreciation as she takes his big package in her mouth and her pussy!

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Sam Bourne, Gina Varney - Fuckin' Van Life
Released: December 29, 2022

Blonde van life vlogger Gina Varney loves everything about her free-spirited existence--the freedom, the beautiful nature, getting to shower naked in the great outdoors--but she wishes she had a guy who wanted to join her on the road. When she spots hiker Sam Bourne approaching her isolated camp spot, she invites him into the van for a fuck. Sam's a bit shy at first, but when Gina lets him hold the camera as she sucks his cock, then rides him, he's soon all about the fuckin' van life.

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Emanuela - Tonight's Anal Lovers
Released: December 30, 2022

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James Angel, Misty Meaner - Squirt Squeegee Sex Fiend Fucks Her Mechanic
Released: December 31, 2022

Misty Meaner brings her car to the mechanic, but she's the one who wants to get serviced. There's nobody around, so she amuses herself by soaping up her tits to wash the windshield, then fucking herself with the squeegee handle until she squirts! When James Angel comes out to take a look at the undercarriage, Misty sucks his cock, then gets her pussy thoroughly attended to until they're both covered in squirt.

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Xander Corvus, Harlow Harrison, Jennifer White, Oliver Flynn, Will Pounder, Jazmin Luv, Ailee Anne - Ball Droppin' DP
Released: December 31, 2022

Jennifer White shows up at a New Year’s Eve party, left on her own after her friends ditch her. The party’s hostess, Harlow Harrison, greets her and gets flirty, hinting that this isn’t going to be a typical bash, while fellow partygoers Ailee Anne Jazmin Luv, Oliver Flynn, Will Pounder and Xander Corvus dance and grind increasingly aggressively in the background. When the clock strikes midnight it’s time to set this party off! Tits, pussies and dicks come out and Jennifer can’t believe her eyes – she’s at a swingers’ party! Tempted but shy, Jennifer is approached by Xander and Oliver, who want to help her ring in the New Year with a double penetration threesome that will go down in history!

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