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My friend Nick and I were walking down the street when we saw a blonde bombshell named Gina Varney. The British babe was visiting Prague and had gotten lost, and told us she was running out of money. I thought we could help her out, and offered her 200 euro if she would show us her boobs. Gina flashed us, so we offered her more money to give us blowjobs. She thought two dicks was too many, so we played a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. I lost! At least she was cool with letting me watch. We walked off, and she got to sucking Nick's dick. His dick was big and hard and it turned her on, so I offered to pay for a hotel room if she let me record them fuck. Once arrived, she bent over a chair and stuck her ass out, then Nick pulled her panties to the side and fucked her doggystyle. After some hard missionary and more deepthroating, Nick pulled out, and came on Gina's shaved pussy.

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Lovita Fate has just finished taking a shower in the Fake Hostel, and enters her room to get dressed. Suddenly, Kitana Lure comes in, and walks right up to the blonde babe. Kitana strips her and seduces Lovita, then kisses her. The brunette MILF ties Lovita to the bed, then slowly makes her way between the blonde's legs, pausing at her perky tits before eating her pussy. Kitana then calls out to Yves, who enters the room looking handsome wearing a suit. The brunette takes out Yves' big, black cock and gives him a sloppy blowjob, then tells him to fuck Lovita. Lovita moans with delight as the stud stretches her tight pussy, then both Lovita and Kitana take turns riding his big dick. Lying back, Lovita begs for Yves' cum, and he obliges by covering her with a huge facial!

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It was my friend Joel's last day in Prague before going home to Spain, and I wanted to send him off properly. We saw beautiful Finnish blonde Kinuski walking, and she was very nice, so we stopped her, and offered 50 euro just to chat. Kinuski was in Prague on vacation and was going to the city center for shopping, so I thought she might like some more money in exchange for showing us her boobs and ass. After she flashed us, I wanted her to give Joel a blowjob, so I offered her more money. She wouldn't let me watch, but she did let Joel take the camera with him. Kinuski sucked his dick and she was very horny, so she asked to fuck him. My friend fucked Kinuski doggystyle, then she rode him on the ground, before he came all over her face!

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I had found Candice Demellza stranded on the side of the road after her boyfriend had skipped out on her. She was only visiting the UK and had nowhere to stay, so I came to her rescue, and told her she could stay with me if she fucked me every day. It was a sultry seven weeks, let me tell you! The day finally came where I was to drive her to the airport to get home. I confessed to her that I needed her lips wrapped around my cock one last time, so Candice joined me in the front seat and sucked my cock as I drove her along and played with her tits. We pulled over and I teased her pussy with a banana, then she took my cock in the backseat. The dirty slut left me with a rimjob, then wanked me off for a huge load. Candice, love, you are welcome to crash at my flat anytime you like!

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I was walking through the train station when I saw Jessika Night smoking. I walked up to her and told her I was with the railway division, and that it was illegal to smoke on the platform. Jessika didn't have money for the 200$ fine, as she was in Prague travelling alone. She also had no ID on her, so I told her we would have to negotiate a solution. I told her I would pay her fee if she showed me her tits, and she did. They were perky! I offered her more cash for a blowjob, and since she was single, Jessika agreed. She sucked my cock then got horny, so we snuck into a nearby basement, and she bounced her ass up and down on my cock. After I fucked her tight pussy, she rode me, and then I came on her face!

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Marina Maya got into my taxi wearing a slutty, little, pink dress, and I rightly guessed she was a dancer at the local strip club. I hadn't been out like that in a while, so I asked her what the rules were at her club. She told me how the guys weren't allowed to touch her, but sometimes, she got so horny she wished they could just stick their tongue in her pussy. I asked her if she would like my tongue in her pussy right now, and Marina told me she had never tasted black cock before. By the time I had pulled over, Marina was leaning into the front to stroke my dick! I joined her in the back seat and ate her pussy and arse, then she deepthroated my big, black cock. I stretched her pussy missionary and cowgirl, then fucked her doggystyle out the side door. Finally, Marina licked my balls like a good little slut while I wanked myself until I covered her with a facial!

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Erik Everhard, Amaris, Charlie Red - Fake Fantasy: She's Too Young
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Amaris is reading in her dorm room when Erik Everhard comes in looking for Charlie Red. Amaris tries to shoo Erik away, telling him that while he is certainly a nice man, Charlie is only 19, and too young for him. Erik turns to leave, but as he's about to open the door, Charlie comes into the room. Erik explains that he just wants to help the girls, that though they have bad grades, and he can set them straight. Turned on by his kindness, Charlie kisses Erik, and Amaris decides to join in too! The ladies take out Erik's big dick and stroke it while he plays with their perky tits, then Erik and Amaris worship Charlie's butt together. Erik eats Charlie's pussy doggystyle while Amaris masturbates, then he fucks each woman doggystyle. After they take turns riding him doggystyle, Erik fills Amaris with a creampie, and then watches the jizz drip all over Charlie!

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Aaeysha and her boyfriend, Cage, rent a bed at the Fake Hostel, and they make a blanket fort of laundry to make sure they have privacy. With Aaeysha naked and cuffed in the bed, Cage hears his phone ring, and to the Asian starlet's immense surprise, he pauses their session to answer it. Aaeysha is left alone in the fort when Sofia Lee and Thomas J enter the room. Thomas checks out the fort and sees Aaeysha, who motions for him to keep her location private. When Sofia goes to shower, Thomas jumps into the fort, and Aaeysha begs for his dick. Thomas fucks the babe in her pussy and smacks her ass, but when Sofia comes back, she discovers them together! Aaeysha and Thomas pull Sofia's towel from her big, natural tits, and they have a sex threesome until he cums all over their faces!

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I was out dancing at the club when I met a beautiful redhead named Mishelle Klein and her girlfriend. We danced all night, but I had to leave early, so I invited her my office the next day. Mishelle came in with a big smile, and I told her I could get her lots of modeling jobs. She liked money, so I suggested doing porn, and this made her smile even more. Mishelle stripped off her shirt for me, and I just had to touch her nice boobies. She kept undressing and shook her ass for me, then masturbated for me on the couch. I asked if she liked blowjobs, and she enthusiastically said yes. Mishelle sucked my cock, then we had sex on my desk. I fucked her doggystyle then she rode me, then I covered her with a big facial of cum.

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Tiny Tina got into the taxi and asked me to take her to the city center. She was on the phone with her girlfriend, Theresa, and planning a romantic evening. I had never given a ride to a lesbian before, so I was very curious. I asked if she had ever tried a penis, and Tina informed me she had not. I offered to let her touch me, and she leaned forward to feel my cock. The prospect of a new experience turned Tina on, so we on my nearby property, and I joined her in the backseat. I showed her how to give a blowjob, then I sucked her tits. I ate Tina's tiny pussy, then fucked her missionary. She was so tight I came on her multiple times!

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Erik Everhard, Romy Indy - The Are You Shy? Experiment
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I saw this Ebony stunner walking down the street, and she introduced herself to me as Romy Indy. Romy went to school nearby, and she looked to have really perky tits, so I told her I was playing a game called the

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I had just started my shift when a blonde bird with big tits named Amber Jayne got into the backseat. Amber asked me to take her to the nail shop, and it turned out she was a northerner from Sheffield. Amber told me I was the prettiest taxi driver she had ever seen, and I was so flattered. I felt cheeky, so I suggested we find a spot to pull over and have some lesbian fun, and Amber was more than willing. She teased me with her huge boobs while I found a spot to pullover, then I climbed through the window into the back seat. I put my legs behind my head (I'm very flexible) and I think I pulled something, so Amber rubbed me, tore open my tights, and ate my pussy! I forgot all about my woes and changed positions while she spanked my arse, then we got caught. We flew off to my lock up before the police could arrive, then I got to play with Amber's pussy. We 69'd in the backseat, then with some deep fingering, she came on my face!

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Michael Fly, Josephine Jackson, Marilyn Sugar - Sex Slave Not Included
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Real estate agent Josephine Jackson is showing off the Fake Hostel to potential buyer, Michael Fly. Michael walks around the hostel in a very curious fashion, trying to open every door and enter every crevice. The realtor takes the client into the basement room, and they discover uncovered wires shooting electricity! As Josephine thinks of a solution, Michael notices Marilyn Sugar oiled up and handcuffed to the bed! Marilyn mouths the words

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I saw this little, blonde teen sitting on a railing near the school. Her name was Sabrina Spice, she was from Spain, and she was locked out of her place. While she waited for her father to bring her keys, we got to chatting, and she told me she was having trouble in math class. I told her about my bachelor's in math, and offered to tutor her, and pay her to show me her titties. For more cash, Sabrina agreed to come to the forest with me and give me a blowjob. My cock was really big for her, but it turned her on, so we snuck into this house, and I spanked her ass as I fucked her tight pussy doggystyle. After she rode me on the ground and twerked on my dick, I covered her face with a facial.

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I saw a very nice girl named Aaeysha standing on the side of the road, so I asked her if she needed a ride. She got into the taxi and asked to go to the post office. As we drove, we got to chatting: Aaeysha was from Asia, not a local. I asked if she realized she had got into a famous black taxi, more expensive than the usual yellow variety. Aaeysha didn't know what I meant, and did not have very much money. I told her she could flash me to get a discount, then asked her if she wanted to see my dick. It was bigger than any dick she had sucked before, so as I found us somewhere to park, she showed me her perky boobs. I got in the backseat, and she gave me a blowjob, then I tore her tight open and fucked her pink pussy. I spanked her ass as she rode my dick, then I fucked her missionary, finally pulling out to cum all over her body.

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Klaudia Diamond ran up to me in panic mode. Someone had stolen her handbag, and she was freaking out. Her work documents were in the bag, she told me, and her phone. It was bad news. But I told Klaudia it was her lucky day, because I was going to help her out. She needed money to get home: I had money in my pocket. I offered Klaudia 2000 crowns to flash me her tits, and she happily hiked up her shirt. Her boobs were beautiful, so I asked her if she would accept more money for a blowjob. She smiled. We walked off together, Klaudia got on her knees, and took my hard cock into her mouth. The blowjob was perfect, so I asked her if she would come home with me to fuck. Soon, I had her on my bed in doggystyle position, and I was playing with her pussy and smacking her ass. I fucked Klaudia hard in my bed, and after making her climax, I covered her in hot cum.

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