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Bang! surprise, Bang! Originals, - Natalie Grace, Renato P

Natalie Grace, Renato P - Natalie Grace Pleases Her Office Boss
Released: Jun 01, 2023

Natalie Grace is a naughty secretary who wants to fuck her boss. Well, here we go. This European hottie stretches her ass to make her boss happy, only to open up her mouth to take his cum to keep her job.

Download for Free », - Leila Cove, Dan Damage

Leila Cove, Dan Damage - The Tiny Rebound Goddess
Released: Jun 1, 2023

Dan just broke up with his girlfriend and wants to get back together. When he is about to text her, Leila, the tiny rebound goddess, appears to help him get over her with some unusual techniques. After Leila is done with Dan, he’ll completely be over his ex.

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Kayley Gunner, Ella Reese - Two Busty Blondes Share A Big One

Big tit blondes Ella Reese and Kayley Gunner share Zac Wild's big prick. A tremendous threesome where pussies get licked and pounded, a stiff prick gets pleasure with double blowjob and double titfuck action, and a great finale with cum swapping!

Download for Free » - Luke Longly, Cassidy Luxe

Luke Longly, Cassidy Luxe - Cassidy Luxe in Step Moms Friend Truth Or Dare (Parts 1-3)
Released: 2023-05-31

Dare You To Keep A Secret- Cory Chase is excited that her friend, Cassidy Luxe, is coming to spend the weekend at her mansion! Cassidy arrives wearing hot pink shorts with a matching tank top. Cory walks Cassidy down the hallway to the guest room. Cory leaves the room and Cassidy decides that she's going to lie down and rest. Cassidy strips out of her clothing and lies down on the bed completely naked. A few moments later, Cory's step-son, Luke Longly, walks into the guest room. He didn't know that his step-mom would be having any friends over this weekend, so he was surprised to find Cassidy in the bedroom that he normally stays in! Cassidy asks Luke if he wants to play a game with her, and they decide to play Truth or Dare. Cassidy dares Luke to have sex with her and to not tell his step-mom. Cassidy lies down on the bed and Luke starts to rub her clit. He is inexperienced so he asks her if he's doing it correctly, and she says 'yes!' She wants to suck his cock, so she starts to give him a blowjob. She hops on top of his cock next, and she rides him in the cowgirl position. She lies down in the missionary position and he continues to fuck her pussy. They're both trying so hard to be quiet so that Cory won't hear them! She flips over into the doggystyle position and Luke keeps fucking her pussy from behind. They hear a noise outside of the bedroom door and they get nervous that Cory is going to come in, so they stop what they're doing... Just The Tip in My Ass- Cory and Cassidy are both completely naked in the kitchen, and Cory confesses that Luke has been acting weird towards her lately. Cory leaves the room to go search for Luke, and moments later, Luke walks into the room that Cassidy is in. Cassidy asks Luke if he wants to play another game with her, and he says yes. Cassidy dares him to stick just the tip of his cock in her ass. He puts his cock in her pussy first, and he goes past the tip within two seconds! He puts the tip of his cock in her ass next, and he slowly fucks her ass. He loses the game pretty quickly! She flips over into the doggystyle position and Luke fucks her ass and pussy back and forth. They move over to the living room couch, and he continues to fuck her ass and pussy some more! Then they hear Cory's voice coming closer and closer, so they both grab their clothes and run...! I Dare You To Not Pull Out- Cassidy asks Luke if he wants to play another game with her, since she's having so much fun with him this weekend! Cassidy tells Luke that she wants to test his pull-out game, and see if he can cum deep inside of her this time. Cassidy starts to give Luke a sloppy, wet blowjob to get him hard. Once he is hard, he fucks her ass and pussy back and forth, in no particular order! He fucks her in the doggystyle position followed by missionary. When he is ready to cum, he decides to cum in her mouth this time. Cassidy opens her mouth wide and he jerks his cock off into her mouth.

Download for Free », - JMac, Luna Legend

JMac, Luna Legend - Office Intern Fucks Before Meeting

Cute pink-haired intern Luna Legend thinks her hot coworker Jmac is so sexy, she just has to play with her pussy at her desk, then leaves him a note to meet her in the stairwell! Jmac finds the horny intern bent over and waiting for him, already wet for his dick. The naughty workers try to be quiet as Jmac fucks Luna doggystyle, and narrowly avoid being caught by the boss! Luna makes sure to get all the cum out of that cock before their three o'clock.

Download for Free » - Salome Gil

Salome Gil - Wife'S Secret Job - Episode 7 - At Home After A Hard Day . Salomé Gil
Released: JUN 01 2023

Salomé had a hard day at her job as a whore. Even so, her husband also wants to fuck her as soon as she gets home.

Download for Free », - Tigerr Benson

Tigerr Benson - Tigerr Girl
Released: May 30th, 2023

Tigerr Benson wants your opinion. Do you like her dress? She's asking. Can you deny a beautiful, busty girl speaking with a British accent? SCORE: When you watch your SCORE videos, what do you think? Tigerr "I always think it's odd to see myself. When I am in the studio with a guy, it seems like it's just us together. So I guess it's a bit shocking to see it online. I usually watch one about four or five times. I generally prefer DP scenes. It's not a performance to me, it's just me with a guy or guys. I watch alone. I think it would be a bit embarrassing to watch with someone else, especially a guy. He might get jealous too!" SCORE: What does it take to make it in a tough industry like the adult business? Tigerr: Like any job... I always think you should follow your heart. Enjoy what you do, the rewards are a given--lots of money and travel opportunities. But be humble always and pay attention to the details.

Download for Free », - Mary Frost, Leo Ahsoka, Sam Frost

Mary Frost, Leo Ahsoka, Sam Frost - Life Model Leo Ahsoka Enjoys A Strap On Threesome With Married Couple GP2678
Released: 2023-05-31

Raven haired model Leo Ahsoka is posing for a life model session with beautiful artist, Mary Frost and as she watches this creative babe work, she starts feeling really horny. Leo slips out of the white sheet covering her naked body and opens her legs to masturbate and without saying a word, Mary drops her tools and joins her, licking Leo's pussy. While she slides her tongue over Leo's clit, Mary masturbates and these sensual lesbians work themselves into a hot 69. Mary's husband, Sam can't quite believe what he sees as he peers through the door and joins them, taking out his cock for the girls to work on! Both Mary and Leo suck him off and things get even hornier as Leo slides on a strap on and all three end up in a fuck frenzy!

Download for Free », - Sasha Rose, Lia Lin, Yanick Shaft

Sasha Rose, Lia Lin, Yanick Shaft - Lesbian Lovers Sasha Rose and Lia Lin Share Their Masseuse After Strap On Fun GP2679
Released: 2023-06-01

Raven-haired hotties Sasha Rose and Lia Lin are enjoying some time at the health spa waiting for a massage appointment when they splash about in the pool and flirt with each other before stripping off for some lesbian fun. These babes kiss and get a head start on their massage as they oil each other up and break out a strap-on which they take turns to enjoy! Once their masseuse, Yanick arrives, he continues to pleasure these gorgeous girls and they eagerly suck his big dick before this horny trio fuck in every hole!

Download for Free », - Lorenzo Viota, Sapphire Maye

Lorenzo Viota, Sapphire Maye - The Bed Fucking Test
Released: June 1, 2023

A discount at the local furniture store attracts sexy babe Sapphire Astrea, who is shopping for a new bed. Finding one she likes, the big-boobed nymph tests out the durability of the springs by bouncing her curvy ass on it before inviting handsome, dark-haired salesman Lorenzo Viota to join her! Following a passionate kiss, the Spanish beauty whips out her juicy tits and shakes them in front of the muscular hunk, and then she slobbers over Lorenzo’s thick cock in a raunchy, deepthroat blowjob. When it’s nice and wet, Sapphire cushions it between her huge jugs and wanks it off, and then her tattooed lover grabs her bubble butt and spanks it hard until it’s time to fuck. Straddling Lorenzo, the raven-haired stunner rides him cowgirl and reverse before spreading her legs so that he can lick out her shaved pussy and pound her in missionary position. Next, Sapphire gets banged doggystyle on a swinging chair, and then the horny pair engage in an intense side fuck on the bed before Lorenzo leaves the busty cumslut with a hot creampie!

Download for Free », - Suzi Grande

Suzi Grande - Got Big Boobs and No Destination
Released: June 1, 2023

Today I pulled over next to this hot blonde Czech named Suzy Grande and offered her a ride in the Fake Taxi. Suzy was wearing a sexy red dress, and I offered her a few euros to see more of her incredible body. The stocking-clad babe got out her huge fake boobs, and then she flashed me her pussy! She started stroking her pierced clit, which got me horny, so I gave her more cash in exchange for sexual favours. After finding a quiet place to park, I joined the pretty nymph in the backseat where she helped herself to my rock-hard dick. She gave me a fantastic blowjob, then she wanked me off between her juicy tits before climbing on top and riding me cowgirl. Next, she spread her legs and invited me to bang her missionary-style, and then we spooned in the back of the cab. Suzy bounced her pussy on my cock some more, and afterwards she stuck out her gorgeous ass and took a pounding from behind in doggy position. To finish, the inked-up slut got on her knees and played with my cock until she was covered in a messy facial, and then she cleaned up my cum!

Download for Free », - Victor Ray, Malina Melendez

Victor Ray, Malina Melendez - Fed Up and Feisty

Download for Free », - Jordi El Nino Polla, Emiri Momota

Jordi El Nino Polla, Emiri Momota - Fuck Me Until You Fill Me

Download for Free », - Alyssia Kent, Danny D, Amber Jayne

Alyssia Kent, Danny D, Amber Jayne - Sneaky Sex Doll Threesome

Gorgeous Alyssia Kent is walking through the house, minding her own business, with a sex doll under her arm. When she suddenly stumbles upon Danny D and his girlfriend having sex in his bedroom. Danny's cock looks good from where Alyssia is standing, and she's been so horny all morning! Sneaky Alyssia waits for Danny's girlfriend to leave the room before she swaps in with her sex doll. Danny is in HEAVEN, having a kinky, sex doll threesome with the big-titted Alyssia is something he's always dreamed of. Sure, Danny's girlfriend is in the next room, but sometimes amazing sex is worth the risk!

Download for Free », - Laura Tithapia, Tom Holland

Laura Tithapia, Tom Holland - Laura Tithapia: Early Morning Boning
Released: May 31st, 2023

Laura Tithapia has a busy morning planned for Tom Holland. He's still sleeping when Laura walks into the bedroom carrying a breakfast tray. She wants to energize her squeeze before their day begins. Laura is a very sexy sight for a man to see when he wakes up. Tom takes a bite of the prepared breakfast, gives Laura a taste, and then puts the tray away to lock lips with her. He wants her big tits for breastfast, not food. While he rubs and sucks her nipples, Laura pulls his cock, feeling it harden in her soft hands. Tom straddles Laura and fucks her heavy boobs for the first time. She sucks on the tip of his sausage when it travels through her titty-tunnel and reaches her mouth. Then she gets on top of Tom to throat him and rub his dick on her soft breasts. Laura surrenders her panties and gets on her knees and hands ready to get fucked from behind and have her video virginity taken. Tom fills her pussy with his hard meat, busting her on-camera cherry. He lifts her leg up so he can pound her sideways and then places her on her back for more. Laura cums while riding his cock.

Download for Free », - Lacey West

Lacey West - The 69-Year-Old With The Sensitive Nipples And Very Pink Pussy Returns
Released: May 30th, 2023

Lacey West, a 69-year-old cougar from Central Florida, says there's a direct line from her nipples to her pussy. You're going to discover that there's a direct line from her nipples to her pussy to your cock. Lacey's going to make it hard while she tugs on her very sensitive nips and fucks her old, beautiful, very pink pussy with a toy. And for added visual stimulation, she's wearing stockings and heels. We enjoyed Lacey's last visit to so much that we invited her back. On Thursday, this former flight attendant is going to fuck. And in the near future, she's going to do something she hasn't done on-camera: She's going to get her sweet ass filled by a big cock. 60Plus MILFs: What do you consider your best physical asset? Lacey: Physically, I think for me, it's the whole package. I'm only five-feet tall, I'm thin and I've been told so many times by men and women that my breasts are absolutely beautiful. They aren't huge like I like to look at and feel. They are soft and fluffy. I have pretty, smoky-blue eyes. I've been athletic all my life, so I have great, shapely legs and a nice ass. I have a nice, tan body and I like to show it off. I never had children so I'm tight, if you know what I mean, and I've taken good care of my body. My gynecologist told his assistant that there was a mistake in the paperwork. He said, "You can't be this age. You look 10 years younger or more!" Another great compliment from my Italian stallion gynecologist! 60Plus MILFs: Have you had sex while watching your scenes? Lacey: I haven't seen them yet, but the idea of watching myself while having sex with a guy is a wild turn on for me. I've had sex watching porno and have my favorite stars, two of which are former SCORE Group models. One of them is an award-winning former model. He's the one who encouraged me to contact The SCORE Group in the first place. He's out on the west coast and I'm here in Florida. We have sex by Skype occasionally. 60Plus MILFs: Has modeling for us changed you? Lacey: Yes! I feel hotter, sexier, lustier, naughtier and very confident about myself. I recommend any woman to apply with The SCORE Group. I want to do shoots with you once a month!

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