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Clips - Pepita

Pepita - Mothers Milk

Sometimes a whore's motivation drips from her engorged titties like an alabaster lubricant for the driveshaft in a throatfucking machine. This was the case for 20yo Pepita and she was overwhelmed by the experience with it being her first time fucking on camera. She tapped out a few times during the facefucking....

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Elizabeth - Drama Queen

22yo Elizabeth is the type to make mountains out of molehills. She thought her exaggerated screams and fake crying sounds could fool us, but it only hardened our resolve to break her for real. Eventually her squeals turned to quiet sobs letting us know we were close, and the tears started to roll down...

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Sarina - Blw Botox Treatment

20yo Sarina knows that a whore needs dick sucking lips, but she didn't want to shell out for a doctor to do the procedure. Instead she opted to get the Broken Latina Whores discount. She got paid to get roughed up and left with some all natural filler in her lips, free of charge.

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Jazmin - Double Trouble

19yo Jazmin returned to step her game up from one guy to two. She got slapped silly for the better part of an hour and received some of the most intense painal we filmed to date. Even after crying through the painal she still looked adorable trying to fight back the tears when we finished on her face....

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Kylie - Petite Painal

Kylie is a petite 22 year old that almost made it through 4 rounds with a big dick in her ass before the waterworks started. Round 1 was the doggystyle and it made her yell. Round 2 was the missionary and it made her yell some more. Round 3 was the DP and it seemed like she was enjoying it a bit... but...

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Mia 3 - Teen Birthday Tearjerker

Today is Mia's 18th birthday and we hit the jackpot with this one. Unlike most of the whores the part of her brain that feels shame still works. We sang her a nice birthday song about 10 minutes in and the realization of what she was doing caused her to break down. Once the waterworks started it was...

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Paola - Pink And Punished

22yo Paola is a good whore. She comes in and takes an epic throat pounding until she was gasping for air. Then she lays down for her partner to lay pipe and bends over to get stuffed while the whip graces her ass with its presence repeatedly.

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Beba, Candy - Tag Teamed

Today we celebrate the one year anniversary of the site going live with the return of fan favorites Beba and Candy. The only thing better than one beautiful whore whimpering through her ordeal is two of them suffering through the punishment together. Enjoy.

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Carmen Valentina - Carmen Valentina - Throatersize Model
Released: Jun 4, 2023

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Kloe 2 - The Show Must Go On

The show must go on; that's what I told myself when 20yo Kloe showed up in the studio looking 35 years older than her photos would suggest. At least she could take the punishment. She got pounded in the ass and slapped silly until she was a teary eyed mess. Then we dumped a load on her face while her...

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Tiffany 2 - Brunette Baddy

When your toys are tougher than your tools... we literally broke the whip across Tiffany's 23yo ass. Despite the look on her face, I believe her when she says she likes rough sex. She took a rough pounding in every hole with barely any complaining while we went to town on her back and ass with the whip....

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Sharlo - Blue Eyes Breakdown

24yo Sharlo's piercing blue eyes can penetrate your soul almost as deeply as the cocks penetrated her body... until her tears made them cloudy. The waterworks started early and reappeared frequently as the punishment overwhelmed this perfect submissive whore. It didn't matter if the whip broke her, or...

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Alexis Crystal - Alexis Crystal Enjoys The Photographer'S Cock
Released: 05/31/2023

Alexis Crystal can't help but feel horny and kinky while doing a lot of submissive poses during her photoshoot. The gorgeous babe looks beautiful in magenta lingerie, black stockings, and high heels. The collar around her neck makes her want to submit to her photographer, Brian Ragnastone. Unable to control her lust, Alexis makes out with the lucky stud. She then takes out Brian's dick to give him a sloppy blowjob. Brian returns the pleasure, giving the slender hottie a sensual pussy licking. Alexis lets out sweet moans of pleasure as Brian stretches out her tight pussy in missionary and doggystyle. She can feel Brian's dick stirring her pussy as she rides him in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Alexis sucks Brian's cock until he shoots his cum on her face.

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Haley Reed, James Deen - Passionate Affair
Released: Apr 12, 2023

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Brock Cooper, Chloe Rose - Hotel Hots
Released: Apr 26, 2023

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Venus - Tiny Teen Tears

Venus is only 19 and she's still innocent enough to have a gag reflex. She's only here to degrade herself and sell her ass because she really needed the money. After telling us she doesn't like the humiliation she cried quietly during the painal and deepthroat training.

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